becky manawatu tells us about her process and hitting the

Becky Manawatu tells us about her process and hitting the nail on the head

With the classic leanings of Once they were warriorsmixed with a bit of fun and games from a Taika Waititi movie, wow is meant to be destined…

a controversial 'spider man remastered' mod removes all pride flags

A controversial ‘Spider-Man Remastered’ mod removes all pride flags

Image: Insomniac Games Spiderman It just made its PC gaming debut, with the beloved PlayStation 4 title now available to even more gamers, but unfortunately the dark…

how to get a voyager control station in tower of

How to get a Voyager Control Station in Tower of Fantasy

Like any good MMO, a character can’t go very far without a proper vehicle or mount to travel with. Tower of Fantasy contains many vehicles representing a…

dc fans fancast robert pattinson's favorite villain

DC Fans Fancast Robert Pattinson’s Favorite Villain

Images via Warner Bros. the batman star Robert Pattinson has revealed that his favorite DC villain is the Condiment King. And while Battison was confirmed not to…

marvel fans cancel steve rogers over how he treated sharon

Marvel Fans Cancel Steve Rogers Over How He Treated Sharon Carter

Image: Marvel Studios Captain America embodies all American ideals: freedom, freedom, freedom and throwing a big boomerang shield. But one thing fans are calling out to him…

squirrel with a gun is an upcoming steam game built

Squirrel With a Gun is an upcoming Steam game built on Unreal Engine 5 about a squirrel with… well… a gun

Squirrel With a Gun is an upcoming Steam game built on Unreal Engine 5 that has taken the internet by storm because it stars a squirrel with……

how to defeat the final boss in cult of the

How to defeat the final boss in Cult of the Lamb

After defeating all four bishops, you will finally have access to the final boss of Cult of the Lamb. As long as you have at least 20…

defenders of 'doctor strange' trash the mechanics of the final

Defenders of ‘Doctor Strange’ trash the mechanics of the final showdown

Image: Marvel Studios doctor strange The debut outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe saw perhaps the only time in the franchise’s history that conflict wasn’t resolved with…

warner bros. to release all mgm movies internationally except upcoming

Warner Bros. to Release All MGM Movies Internationally Except Upcoming James Bond Movie – Golden News

MGM has ended its partnership with Universal Pictures and has chosen Warner Bros. as the new studio to release its upcoming movies internationally, with the exception of…

westworld: burning questions we have after the season 4 finale

Westworld: Burning Questions We Have After The Season 4 Finale 90min

Westworld Season 4 has come to an end and we have some big questions after that ending!

sexy netflix movies you should watch instead of pornhub

Sexy Netflix Movies You Should Watch Instead of Pornhub

Get ready to binge watch Netflix and kick back on your own with this sexy list of movies that are better than Pornhub. Are you seriously watching…

'star wars' fans make surprisingly positive comments about the sequel

‘Star Wars’ fans make surprisingly positive comments about the sequel trilogy

Image: Lucasfilm The Internet has been very kind to him. Star Wars sequel to the trilogy, with a landslide in public opinion since The last jedi was…

universal becomes the first studio to exceed $3 billion at

Universal becomes the first studio to exceed $3 billion at the box office since 2019

Images via Universal Pictures As moviegoers excitedly return to theaters after the pandemic, Universal became the first studio to exceed $3 billion at the box office in…

yakuza 0 mod replaces kazuma kiryu and goro majima with

Yakuza 0 Mod Replaces Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima with Halo’s Master Chief and the Arbiter

Modder Kashiiera has created a wonderful new mod that replaces Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima with the Master Chief and Arbiter from Halo.

medium message: exclusive "tony hawk" clip golden news

Medium Message: Exclusive "Tony Hawk" Clip – Golden News

Hawk Man is the resident daredevil of Mt. Middlemost… or at least he was before one of his stunts went wrong. Now, with Parker’s help, this Evil…

westworld: season 4 finale review "what will be will

Westworld: Season 4 Finale Review – "What will be will be" – Golden News

Westworld gave us some final showdowns and a new story direction, while sifting through the ashes of last week’s game changer.

'westworld' season 4 finale explained: why we probably don't need

‘Westworld’ Season 4 Finale Explained: Why We Probably Don’t Need Season 5

pains Has brought all full circle. In the season 4 finale of Western world“Que Sera, Sera”, almost all the character arcs in Western world is wrapped in…

'star wars' fans argue which trilogy had the best villains

‘Star Wars’ Fans Argue Which Trilogy Had the Best Villains

Images: Lucasfilm Nine main films and three trilogies, Star Wars is perhaps best known for its dynamic roster of villains, but which trilogy boasts the best set…

penelope cruz's stunning orange swimsuit

Penelope Cruz’s Stunning Orange Swimsuit

Penelope Cruz, 48, struck a great figure this weekend as she was photographed aboard a yacht in a striking orange swimsuit. Margot Robbie isn’t the only actress…

'spider man' fever has overtaken valve's steam deck on the charts

‘Spider-Man’ fever has overtaken Valve’s Steam Deck on the charts

Credit: Marvel/Sony Pictures August is not usually known for its game releases as the summer sale is over and the big game companies are expecting the Christmas…

warner bros. loses rights to 'james bond' after deal with

Warner Bros. loses rights to ‘James Bond’ after deal with MGM

Image: MGM/Sony Weather Warner Bros. has struck a massive international distribution deal with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, one of cinema’s most beloved franchises gets MGM. MGM spun off former international…

nicki minaj 'super freaky girl' makes spotify history

Nicki Minaj ‘Super Freaky Girl’ Makes Spotify History

Nicki Minja made Spotify history over the weekend with the Rick James-inspired single, super weird girl. Nicki Minaj continues her reign as rap royalty, making history with…

anne heche has been disconnected from life support, she is

Anne Heche has been disconnected from life support, she is an organ recipient

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for the Tribeca Film Festival Ana Heche he was taken off life support after an accident on August 5. She was 53 years old….

will tom holland be the next james bond?

Will Tom Holland be the next James Bond?

Tom Holland could be in the running to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond, according to new reports. The rumor mill has produced another potential…

ewan mcgregor shares his thoughts on joining the mcu

Ewan McGregor Shares His Thoughts On Joining The MCU

via Lucas film star wars actor Ewan McGregor has given food for thought about a potential career in the ever-expanding market Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starred in DC…

how to defeat shamura in cult of the lamb

How to defeat Shamura in Cult of the Lamb

Shamura dominates the Silk Cradle, the fourth spider-filled biome you can explore in Cult of the Lamb. Each bishop transforms before the fight, and Shamura is no…

pokefans envision bob ross as the champion and you can

Pokefans envision Bob Ross as the champion and you can probably guess his signature Pokemon.

Image via PBS and Pokémon What comes to mind when you think of bob ross? artistic icon? Healthy painter? The guy who helped bring joy to art?…

jk rowling is threatened on twitter "don't worry you're next"

JK Rowling is threatened on Twitter “Don’t worry you’re next”

UK police are investigating a threat against JK Rowling after she tweeted her support for Salman Rushdie. After sharing her support for author Salman Rushdie, who was…

police charge 63 year old gunman in canberra airport shooting

Police charge 63-year-old gunman in Canberra airport shooting

The gunman responsible for yesterday’s shooting at Canberra airport has been arrested and charged with firearms offences. Canberra Airport was evacuated on Sunday afternoon (Aug 14), after…

warner bros. discovery issues statement in support of jk rowling

Warner Bros. Discovery issues statement in support of JK Rowling after threats

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images JK Rowling is receiving support from Warner Bros. Discovery after receiving a threatening message in response to a Tweet he received this weekend….