10 fastest flying pokemon

Flying-type Pokémon have always been some of the best creatures over the years. Having the highest average speed among all types, and having a very significant immunity to Ground typing, makes them quite useful.

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Flying-type can often be invaluable, especially since there are usually multiple Pokémon of this type in early games, as well as solid Legendaries. While not all of them are fast in the air, most Flying-type Pokémon shine with their blistering speed and cool looks. Here are the fastest ones, ranked by their speed stats.


10 Hawlucha: The fastest fighter

Hawlucha is a unique Pokemon, being the only Fighting/Flying type in the game. A fast one too, sitting at a nice 118 Speed. The typing gives it incredible coverage, as Fighting-type attacks perfectly target other Flying-type weaknesses. You will no longer be afraid of ice, rock or steel types!

Hawlucha can turn into a dangerous sweeper in a second. He also has access to the Uburden ability, which can double his already great speed. Just giving him a Terrain Seed and Swords Dance can give you the sweep you need to win a battle real quick.

9 Mega Salamence, Arceus (flying), and Minior (core form) – all strong in their own way

We have a three-way tie between Minior (base form), Mega Salamence, and Arceus (flying). Interestingly, the place is shared only between temporary forms. While none of these three are that fast in their regular forms, they are all forces to be reckoned with in their faster states.

With a 120 Speed ​​stat, Mega Salamence and Arceus (Flying) are deadly due to their coverage, high offensive stats, and decent bulk. Meanwhile, Minior (Core Form) can become an instant threat with just a Shell Smash under his belt.

8 Mega Pidgeot and Tornadus (Therian Forme) – Pure Flying-type goodness

Tornadus (Therian Forme) and Mega Pidgeot have a Speed ​​stat of 121. However, the two share a few more similarities. They both have a really good Special Attack and some really powerful moves, like Hurricane and Heat Wave.

Its abilities are also nothing to scoff at, as both No Guard and Regenerator are very useful. While Pidgeot is more of a glass cannon and Tornadus leans more towards bulk, these two flying guys are pretty powerful.

7 Noivern: the fastest type of dragon

Noivern has a really respectable speed stat, sitting perfectly at 123. Unfortunately, this cool looking dragon type is a bit lacking in other areas. Its movepool is decent, but its Special Attack leaves a lot to be desired.

Noivern captured the hearts of many fans through the anime at least, being one of the most beloved team members Ash has used throughout his journey. If only his cool design and demeanor of him translated into competitive battles…

6 Swellow: the definition of a glass cannon

We will return to Generation 3 for this entry. Sitting at a breakneck speed of 125, Swellow is a fast bird. However, that’s not all he offers: with two great abilities in Guts and Scrappy, he can surely become a threat.

Being a primary Choice Item user with either Boomburst on the special side or Facade on the physical side, this bird packs a punch regardless. That’s it without the golden armor too.

5 Talonflame: charging in flames

Talonflame was the main threat when Generation 6 first appeared, before the Gale Wings ability was reduced. Brave Bird with priority at all times was a bit too overpowered. While Talonflame’s power took a huge hit when Gale Wings was nerfed, a huge 126 speed stat and decent attack mean he’s still a threat even today.

You could even go the other way and build a bulky Talonflame with Flame Body and Roost. It also benefits greatly from Heavy-Duty Boots, making Stealth Rocks less of a concern than in previous generations.

4 Shaymin (Sky Forme): The cutest sprinter ever

Shaymin is similar to most mythical Pokemon in that its regular form has stats of 100 across the board. However, once you use the Gracidea Flower and transform it into Sky Forme, it becomes one of the fastest Pokemon ever. With a huge Speed ​​stat of 127, Shaymin’s Sky Forme is the fifth fastest Flying-type Pokémon.

Obviously, being a mythical Pokémon, it also has great offensive capabilities. With a respectable 120 Special Attack and big moves like Seed Flare in its arsenal, Shaymin (Sky Forme) is sure to take out some late-game Pokemon.

3 Crobat and Aerodactyl: the fastest of generations one and two

Crobat is a great competitive Pokemon and has been for over five generations. With an amazing defensive typing in Poison/Flying, great coverage, utility moves like Taunt, Defog, U-Turn, and Tailwind, and a Speed ​​stat of 130 on top, Crobat is a monster.

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While Golbat, his unevolved form, may be a better wall due to the Eviolite element, Crobat makes a place for himself in competitive battles due to his blistering speed stat and incredible utility options. This early game bat is sure to fit in most of the equipment you are thinking of building. Aerodactyl also shares this speed stat, being the fastest fossil ever. Speaking of Aerodactyl…

two Mega Aerodactyl: Too fast to be a flying rock dinosaur

While Aerodactyl’s normal form has the same speed as Crobat, Mega Aerodactyl has an incredible 150 Speed ​​stat. It also has the great Rock/Flying typing, and is a really decent physical attacker.

However, despite his offensive prowess, his paper-thin defenses keep him from achieving greatness. It’s also weak to common priority moves like Bullet Punch, Ice Shard, and Aqua Jet. This speedy dino is strong, but it can’t get the most out of it.

1 Ninjask: Ninja is literally in the name

At the top of the food chain is Ninjask. This is a disappointing result, as Ninjask is so fragile that a strong breeze could seriously damage it. Ninjask isn’t the best attacker either, with an average attack stat of 90. He only learns a few coverage moves, and those aren’t the best either. However, with a massive 160 speed stat, Ninjask proves that being the best at what you do is valuable regardless of other factors, something that has earned it some competitive respect due to a very specific yet solid strategy.

Slap Focus Sash and use Swords Dance. Protect yourself for one turn, and then Baton Pass, which is essentially a buff equal to two Dragon Dances for your primary sweeper. While this is not a reliable strategy, Ninjask managed to use his incredible speed to make a name for himself.

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