10 games to check out before the release of GTA 6

Game News 10 games to check out before the release of GTA 6

GTA 6 is at the heart of the news and it may have made you want to find the universe of the Rockstar license. Apart from other GTAs, there are many games that have a similar gameplay, vibe, or style. Here is a selection.

Rockstar fell victim to a major hack last weekend. This led to the release of 90 working versions of Grand Theft Auto VI, which hadn’t even been officially confirmed yet. The hacker behind this terrible leak (one of the biggest in history) is actively sought by the FBI. On the side of the players, we are entitled to three types of reaction. There are those who don’t want to know anything, those who have pointed out a game “not up to par” (even though it’s not the real game) and those who these leaks have made impatient to see the rendering final. If all this story around GTA 6 has made you want to discover the title as soon as possible, we offer you a small selection of games to (re)discover while waiting.


  • 10 games or licenses to discover if you like the GTA universe
    • bully
    • JustCause
    • The Simpsons: Hit & Run
    • Mafia
    • Payday
  • Red Dead Redemption
    • Rustler
    • Saints Row
    • Sleeping Dogs
    • Yakuza

10 games or licenses to discover if you like the GTA universe


We start with a previous Rockstar Games title: Bully. Released in 2006 under the name Canis Canem Edit here, this third-person action game bears the same irreverent style as the GTA license. Don’t expect big guns and cop chases. Bully takes place in a British school where you play as a tough guy named James Jimmy Hopkins. Freedom of movement, misdeeds to be done and gratuitous violence are on the agenda in this rather special GTA-Like which, at the time, had a score of 16 with us.

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Is it still necessary to present Just Cause? The Avalanche Studios license has made a name for itself in the video game landscape. In June 2018, it recorded no less than 15 million copies sold since the beginning of its history. Many were therefore seduced by the studio’s proposal. Forget the cities of GTA, the Just Cause all take place on green islands where you will have to complete missions or explore the open world with a certain freedom (whether by parachute, wingsuit or other grappling hook), while paying attention to do not raise your gauge heatcomparable to the level of wanted from GTA. Note that Just Cause 3 was received much better than Just Cause 4.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Do you like Simpsons humor? Do you like GTA? Well you might love The Simpsons: Hit & Run. This parody GTA-Like originally released in 2003 has a special place in the hearts of many gamers. It is even qualified by some as the best video game stamped The Simpsons. But what does he offer us? Well The Simpsons: Hit & Run is an action game in which you play as members of the Simpson family as a strange conspiracy attempts to destroy Springfield. Hit, steal, crash, drive… Everything is possible in this world as wacky as it is entertaining.


We continue with a new series that will no doubt speak to some of you, regardless of your generation. The 2K license has certainly existed since 2002 but was entitled to a remake in 2020 (Mafia: Definitive Edition), enough to give it a new lease of life with another audience. Recognized as GTA-Like, the Mafia nevertheless takes you to a more distant era and, as their name suggests, a slightly different reality. If gang warfare is in 2K’s license, it’s about mafia members. The atmosphere of the title is therefore closer to gangster films than to the streets of GTA. Also note that Mafias are much more scripted and linear than Rockstar’s licensed games.

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Heists are very present in GTA 5 and GTA Online. And if that’s what makes you vibrate, know that a license has decided to make the bulk of its experience: Payday. This license indeed offers cooperative FPS games where the goal is to succeed in robberies of all kinds. The more you do, the more your reputation increases, the more you can improve your equipment, the more you can attempt more difficult heists and so on. A simple formula that works and allowed Payday 2 to collect a nice 18 out of 20 (accompanied by a most atypical test that we can only invite you to discover or rediscover here).

Red Dead Redemption

We return to Rockstar Games with its other flagship franchise: Red Dead Redemption. This time, go to the time of the conquest of the West. The atmosphere is reminiscent of western movies, but the possibilities are the same: rob, rob, kill… It’s up to you to choose the outlaw you want to be, whether in Red Dead Redemption or Red Dead Redemption II . And if it’s the Online part that interests you, unfortunately the online mode of RDR is not as developed as that of GTA. Players of the first regularly complain of being neglected by the publisher. However, some are still there, proof that Red Dead Online is still worth a try.


We’re moving on to a much newer game. Released in 2021, Rustler does not hide its inspirations. Its subtitle, Grand Theft Horse, is indeed rather self-explanatory. But then what differentiates Rustler from all the other GTA-Likes? In addition to its camera seen from above (rather reminiscent of the old GTA formula), the title of Jutsu Games offers to venture into a completely different field: that of the harsh Middle Ages. The game is far from flawless (12 out of 20 with us), but the formula is original enough to be worth a little light, especially if you like dark humor and medieval violence.

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Saints Row

To find the atmosphere of GTA while waiting for the sixth opus, there is a license found: Saints Row. At its inception, the license was automatically qualified as GTA-Like, or even a true clone of Rockstar games. It even caused the developers to change the formula a bit after the fact. The overall goal, however, remained the same: build your reputation through gang wars. If unfortunately Saints Row did not manage to meet expectations, it is nonetheless a nice way to wait until GTA VI (still collecting a nice 15 with us). And if ever, it is always possible to fall back on Saints Row IV, which after all is only 9 years old.

Sleeping Dogs

We change scenery once again to take you to Hong Kong with Sleeping Dogs. This action game released in 2012 is a more than honest GTA-Like offering shootouts and chases galore which has, in addition, the merit of disorienting us and taking us to explore the depths of Hong Kong mafia shenanigans. Fulfilling its promises, the title had obtained a solid 16 out of 20 on the site. Even on PS4 and Xbox One, two years after its initial release, the title had nothing to be ashamed of despite its few flaws. If you’ve never tried it, Sleeping Dogs will definitely be a good appetizer before the arrival of GTA 6.


You noticed it, the GTA-Like are numerous in this list. It must be said that there is a whole slew of them to discover, even more than those already present in this selection. But to close the latter, we wanted to take you on a completely different ground with Yakuza. This license clearly cannot be called GTA-Like. It offers linear action-adventure games where you won’t have a chase or robbery. And yet the Yakuza license is often referred to as Japanese GTA. This is due to an atmosphere, an omnipresence of violence and a side bad boy which are similar in both. Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Yakuza Zero: The Place of Oath… You’re spoiled for choice.

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