10 Things Sekiro Does Better Than Any Other FromSoftware Game

Following the success of FromSoftware’s iconic Dark souls trilogy, many gamers wondered what could be next for the developers who revolutionized and steered an entire genre. After all, FromSoftware had made a name for itself as the studio that makes its games challenging as well as exciting and surprising.

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your next game, sekiro: shadows die twice entered the scene. This game featured things that were familiar to fans of Dark souls Y blood borne but it offered a completely new and unique experience. It was entirely a solo affair, along with the mechanics that even the most difficult Dark souls veterans might find it a challenge, but he did things better than the rest.

10 The level up system

players of Dark souls you would remember the importance of souls in leveling up your character in the different stats in the RPG. This could range from health to stamina, and even strength of character. sekiro it does things differently, and much more simply too. Players can acquire XP by killing enemies, half of which is lost upon death.

Players can use this XP to purchase skills and unlock different moves to use in combat. To improve their health, they must collect four prayer beads, an item provided to the player after killing a boss or found in certain chests. The player’s strength is enhanced through in-game experience and by defeating powerful main bosses that provide “memories”.

9 Same but different

Entering the harsh world of sekiromany fans of Dark souls Y blood borne you may recognize the title as something familiar. Judging from the enemy types and the way the game feels, the first guess would be that the game plays the same and can be treated as a Dark souls entry. However, this is completely wrong.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a completely new experience for fans of the old and new Souls genre. Players must rely on stealth, parries, and something they’ve never been able to do before: a dedicated jump button. The game is faster and more unforgiving, but a lot of fun. playing like Dark souls is a sure way to die, twice, as the stance system works differently than Dark souls.

8 solo experience

If ever a wall of mist appeared, or the player is unable to rest at a bonfire to recover their precious HP, then they found themselves at the hands of a bloodthirsty invader. invaders in Dark souls they are hostile players who want to engage in PvP. Not all players are bad eggs, and some choose to cooperate and help the player.

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In sekiro, players do not have the option to have an ally or an enemy with another player, as the game is completely solo. It might feel like a more lonely experience, but it certainly helps build a larger narrative for the main protagonist, as it’s player versus world.

7 stealth mechanics

Of course, Dark souls he was stabbed in the back. A powerful ability that could be used to attack unsuspecting enemies from behind and deal critical damage. It could also be used for enemies who weren’t expecting such a fatal blow. sekiro takes this small element of stealth and expands it to the entire game experience.

There is a special button to crouch, to sneak and hide in tall grass and flowers. Players can hide in corners and stay on rooftops to avoid trouble. Selecting enemies is much more important in sekiroas enemies will swarm and threaten the player with their numbers.

6 Shinobi prosthetics

A unique feature of sekiro it’s the Shinobi Prosthesis. It is a wooden carved arm for the player and can be used to house many gadgets that can help the player progress through their adventures. This tool is the default grappling hook, which can be used to lift the player up buildings and ledges.

There are prosthetic tools for the device, which allow the player to throw firecrackers, throw stars, and use an ax to break wood. It is a great tool that adds more freedom to sekiro‘s since the player has no access to other weapons, only the default sword.

5 japanese mythology

Dark souls takes place largely in a medieval-influenced fantasy world. when it came to sekiro, the team sought influence in Japan. The world of sekiro it is packed with references, lore and love for Japanese mythology, from the art style to the creatures that inhabit the world.

The mythology presented in sekiro they can be equal parts terrifying and equal parts beautiful. It’s great to see the representation of Japanese folklore and mythology used in a video game and makes for a nice post-game snack. Dark souls The games kept players in medieval times for so long.

4 multiple endings

The majority Dark souls the games give the player a final choice that leads to a particular ending, sometimes two or three. These decisions require minor differences. It could be as simple as walking away from the first flame. sekiro presents a much deeper challenge when it comes to his multiple endings.

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It is your reward to complete sekiro. However, some endings are sad or downright depressing, and it makes victory seem like grim defeat. The true ending is the most difficult and requires the player to eavesdrop on certain parts and also acquire specific items. It’s a rewarding end to players’ hard work.

3 failure and victory

YOU DIED.” An on-screen game that pokes fun at FromSoftware game players. Of the souls of the devil a elden ring. It can seem like a taunt, especially when the boss only needs one final blow with the sword. In sekiroplayers will die over and over again, but each time they will learn something new.

There is no greater feeling in sekiro to kill a boss after multiple failed attempts. As sekiro it’s kind of like Groundhog Day, where events repeat in a cycle, there’s always another chance, until it’s done. When the player dies, the player is rewarded with knowledge and determination to seek victory.

two Best layover experience

Armed with the Kasabimaru, the gifted katana of Kuro, the Divine Heir, the players of sekiro You will only have this weapon for both attack and defense. sekiro it plays very much like a rhythm game, and your eyes will need to be wide open to perfectly time the parries, dodges, and jumps.

Every parry is intense and completely satisfying, from the clang of swords to the feeling of power experienced by the player with a controller in hand. FromSoftware really outdid himself with the combat in sekiro and made an experience unique from their other games.

1 boss fakes

FromSoftware is no stranger to a boss in their games being defeated, only to surprise the player with another stage. Some bosses even have up to three stages. sekiro takes this to a whole new level, as bosses will have circles on their health bar indicating what phases they have.

However, to the surprise of many, many bosses will have another phase after their death. In one such instance, a giant ape resurrects itself by picking up its severed head and further challenging the player for another match. It’s exciting and incredibly intimidating every time a boss rises from his fallen state.

Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceIt is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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