3 Exercises All Gym-Goers Should Do


It’s never too late to join the gym. Whether you’re young or old, everyone can benefit from physical exercise. Not only does it keep us fit and strong, but it also works wonders for our mental and emotional well-being.

However, the gym can be an intimidating place for the newcomer. There are lots of new terms and lingo to learn, machines to figure out, and not to mention crowds of fit, healthy people who seem to know exactly what they’re doing. While performance supplements such as those found at Alphapharmcanada.is can take your workouts to the next level, having a solid grasp of the fundamentals will give you a foundation of knowledge to build upon. Check out this list of three exercises all gym-goers should do.

Pull-ups and Chin-ups

Pull-ups and chin-ups are among the most popular gym exercises, and they are certainly among the most effective. Both only require the use of a horizontal bar at above head height, with the exercise involving using your hands to lift your body so that your head is above the bar.

With pull-ups, you grip the bar with your hands facing away from you, bringing your elbows into your body to raise yourself above the bar. This can be a tricky exercise for beginners, but with enough practice, you will be doing them with (relative ease).

Chin-ups are exactly the same, but your grip on the bar should be palms facing towards you rather than away from you. Both pull-ups and chin-ups work numerous muscles including the biceps, lats, pecs, and traps. They are also great for building lower arm and grip strength.

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Deadlifts are the quintessential gym workout, and this exercise is what many of us picture when we imagine a bodybuilder or champion weightlifter.

Deadlifts use a barbell or weighted bar that is placed on the floor. It is then lifted to waist height, with the lifter standing straight, before being placed back down on the floor.

Deadlifts are a fantastic exercise routine that works several different muscle groups, including traps and lats, as well as muscles in the legs such as the quads and hamstrings.

One of the best things about deadlifts is their versatility. More weight can be added on to the bar as your strength improves, meaning they are perfect for gym-goers of all strength and skill levels.

Single Leg Deadlift

A single-leg deadlift is a variation of a deadlift that can use a barbell or two dumbbells. After bringing the weights up to waist height, one leg is then lifted and extended out backwards as you lean forwards.

The finished form of the move should see your leg extended out nearly horizontally behind you as you lean to an equal angle forward, forming a T shape with the leg still on the ground. Your arms should dangle straight down while holding onto the weight or weights.

Single-leg deadlifts work the core and lower back muscles, as well as the hamstrings and glutes. They are also excellent for improving your balance and coordination. 

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