39 years ago, the biggest sci-fi bomb of all time changed the genre forever

the biggest difference between the twisted sci-fi movies of the 80s and those of today is the intent. If a modern science fiction movie fails, those failures stem from the cynicism inherent in the production. A clone movie like Gemini man it is forgettable because it is generic and accommodating. An ambitious space epic like Valerian it’s horrible because it feels soulless. In the ’80s, failed genre movies could also seem sweet and well-intentioned (1984’s supergirl, for instance). The best example is also the biggest flop of ’80s sci-fi movies: Krull. 39 years ago, Krull it hit theaters at a time when no one was prepared for it.

Somehow, we still aren’t.

Unlike two other monosyllabic sci-fi movies from the same era: tron Y Dune — there is a real possibility that fans of the contemporary genre have not heard of Krull. Directed by Peter Yates, who directed the action classic. Bullitt, Krull it looks amazing on paper. You have music by James Horner, just a year after he did it. Khan’s wrath. You have Francesca Annis a year before Dune. And you got special effects from Derek Meddings, newcomers Superman Y superman II. On paper, it has every opportunity to be totally epic.

So what went wrong? Why Krull suck? She does it Krull does it really suck? For those of us who rented it on VHS in the late ’80s, there’s a sense of awesomeness captured on Amber.

The movie is a blatant rip-off of Star Wars set on a planet that is a blatant rip off of Lord of the Rings. Like Masters of the Universe made a world of laser guns Y sword and sorcery seem explainable, Krull took over the aesthetic and ran with it. Makes sense? Are the people living on the titular planet of Krull just accepting the fact that the princess-kidnapping Beast and his teleporting Black Fortress recently landed on their planet? Why do the Beast’s minions make that weird sound when they’re killed?

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Krull He really hopes he’ll stop asking those questions and assumed, somewhat correctly, that his target audience was moviegoers only interested in aesthetics and vaguely remembering awesome moments. Krull it comes from a time when movies weren’t made to withstand endless repetition. He didn’t stand up to scrutiny then, and he certainly doesn’t now.

Kenneth Marshall and Liam Neeson in Krull.Columbia

And yet, the film has an endless supply of charm. As Prince Colwyn, Kenneth Marshall gives us the face of a time-traveling Ewan McGregor fused with an immortal Errol Flynn. This is not to say that Marshall is as good as any of them, but he is great for the role. A cynic might say that Cary Elwes would have been better, and that The princess Bride it is proof. But what makes Marshall perfect is that he approaches the absurdity of Krull with deadly seriousness. Marshall is playing for the 12-year-old boy in the audience, who is the focal point.

tonally, Krull it’s like a 1940s Disney animated movie brought to life with actors from the 1980s.

Krull It also gave the world the first big performances from Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane, better known as Qui-Gon Jinn and Hagrid. In Krull, these two are not the stars. Instead, they’re part of a gang of traveling bandits, and he’s not even the leader. Prince Colwyn manages to convince these ruffians to join his cause and rescue Princess Lyssa because, well, of course she does. He is the hero. While it is doubtful Neeson or Coltrane will call Krull his big break is it is the first time both do fantasy.

Part of by Krull The charm is that you never really know what’s around the corner. Columbia

Krull it also made a major mark on sci-fi and fantasy cinema in a way that’s hard to prove but feels indelibly true. If there’s one image from the film that has a pop culture legacy, it’s easily Glaive, which functions as a kind of magical boomerang of death. The inexplicable nature of the Glaive is absurd, but Krull it’s the rare watered-down fantasy imitation that doesn’t shy away from violence at all. Some of the gruesome monster action at first breaks you out of any belief that you might be watching a deleted scene from space balls and posits that in the world of krull, things can and do get hardcore.

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So, relatively speaking, Krull is a much scarier and darker movie than, say, return of the jedi, a movie that came out the same year. In fact, you could imagine that from film critic to angsty teenager, it would have been more punk to say you. privileged this movie to jedi, for a simple reason: it looks a bit more realistic and the action is a bit scarier. Sure, the stakes are non-existent and confusing, but it’s hard to argue that Krull it’s not risky. On the planet Krull, the Ewoks would be eaten.

Combining science fiction and high fantasy, and loosely borrowing countless earlier stories, Krull I wasn’t trying to be timeless. Instead, she was trying to be Awesome. I may have failed. But watching the attempt is a lot of fun.

Krull is streaming on HBO Max.

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