4 Reasons Nick Fury Needs To Get Superpowers In ‘Secret Invasion’ (& 3 Reasons He Shouldn’t)

It’s a universally recognized truth that all characters in the MCU have to gain superpowers eventually. Peggy Carter? She is Captain America herself in multiple universes these days. the boy from captain marvel? She is now all grown up and the co-star of the sequel to her, the wonders. Given that, it is very impressive that Nick Furyofficially the longest-lived character in the entire franchise at this point, he has intertwined through Phases One through Five while remaining human.

And yet secret invasion has presented former SHIELD director Samuel L. Jackson with the perfect opportunity to join the ranks of the Avengers. Episode five introduced The Harvest, a vial of combined Avenger DNA that Gravik hopes to use to empower himself with all the superpowers you can think of. While his Super-Skrull machine is naturally made for Skrull genetic manipulation, there’s the tantalizing possibility that Fury decides to use the Harvest in some way to give himself powers.

This is a bit of an unusual idea, but whether it happens or not, it raises an intriguing question; not if Fury could ever get powers in the MCU, but if he ought. So let’s take a look at the reasons for and against it being a good idea. For starters, the pros…

Why should Nick Fury have powers?

1. It’s comic-accurate

Screenshot via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

For the perfect proof of why Fury deserves some superpowers of his own, I just have to direct you to the source material.

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The original comic Nick Fury fought in WWII (it was him who was the leader of the Howling Commandos, not Captain America), so to explain his longevity, it was explained that he had to take a special serum called Infinity Formula (no relation to the Infinity Stones) to extend his life. Fury had to ingest the formula every year to stay young and fit.

While getting powers from The Harvest would be a huge leap, it’s a point of Marvel canon that Fury takes a serum to enhance himself, so the idea of ​​him getting super abilities in secret invasion It’s not as crazy as it may seem.

2. It is the logical end point for the character.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Marvel's 'Avengers: Infinity War.'
Image via Marvel Studios

What is Nick Fury in the UCM? He’s the Avengers’ greatest ally, that is. From recruiting Tony Stark to welcoming Steve Rogers into the 21st century to proposing the Avengers initiative when he first met Carol Danvers, Fury is effectively the power behind the throne and the reason Earth is protected by these heroes in the first place.

With the feeling that Fury’s epic MCU arc is closer to its end, then it’s surely only right that Fury is finally getting a taste of being a superhero. secret invasion initially it seemed to be Fury at his most heroic, but in reality, that has not been the case, due to the character being plagued with doubts. But that could all change if he gets a practical power boost.

3. Fury has lost faith in the Avengers’ reliance on Earth

Nick Fury in Secret Invasion
Image via Marvel Studios

secret invasion Episode five presented a curious (some might say unbelievably unbelievable) explanation for why Fury hasn’t called in the Avengers to help with the Skrull situation. Fury apparently doesn’t think the planet should trust these heroes any more to protect it. This is pretty rich coming from the guy who brought them together in the first place, but it could also explain his decision to take her powers for himself.

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Fury may feel betrayed that the Avengers failed to stop the Blip from happening in the first place (even if they eventually reversed its effects five years later), so he doesn’t trust the heroes enough to summon them to help with the Skrulls. If that’s the case, then of course Fury would go behind his back, create The Harvest serum, and then maybe even use it on himself so he wouldn’t have to assemble the Avengers ever again.

4. Samuel L. Jackson is going nowhere

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in 'Secret Invasion'
Screenshot via Marvel Studios

Even since SHIELD shut down a long time ago Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Nick Fury has been hanging around a bit uncomfortably in the MCU without a proper purpose. He’s the boss of SWORD these days, it seems, and he’ll be back in the more traditional role of him in the wondersbut it seems a bit like the franchise has outgrown him, like a kid who doesn’t need his parents anymore.

And yet, Samuel L. Jackson has a lot more fuel left in the tank when it comes to Fury, having made it clear that he’d love to be in every Marvel Studios production if it were up to him, he’s particularly keen on taking a trip to Wakanda. Well, Marvel would be foolish to waste him, and giving Fury his own superpowers would be a way of pushing the character in a whole new direction that would open up even more opportunities for Jackson to appear.

Why shouldn’t Fury have powers?

1. In Fury’s hands, any superpower will be dangerously misused

Nick Fury with The Harvest in Secret Invasion
Screenshot via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

It’s not news to anyone that Fury doesn’t fare well when it comes to wielding power. When he got his hands on the Tesseract, he planned to harness its powers to create powerful weapons. Then we had the Hellcarriers from Project Insight and their agenda to cancel future threats that were hijacked by HYDRA in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

In fact, even after being burned twice and processing his return to life, Fury still roamed the remains of the Battle of Earth after the events of Avengers Endgame to collect the DNA of every super-powered hero who shed their blood. She turned that collection into “The Harvest,” which essentially started all the drama in secret invasion since Gravik is salivating after that.

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I shudder to imagine what Nick Fury would do if he suddenly found himself blessed with superpowers. Forget Gravik (who wiped the floor with Kang the Conqueror), Thanos, and the High Evolutionary… the MCU would have a true villain destroying the shaky peace of him.

2. secret invasion it’s about Fury coming to terms with his past

secret invasion
Screenshot via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

The series was never supposed to be the origin story of Fury’s superhero journey. Yeah, his gain powers would be comic book-accurate, but secret invasion it was designed to allow Fury to own up to the mistakes of his past, rectify what he can, and process the trauma he suffered after Blip, something he had been relentlessly suppressing ever since he returned. All six episodes are about him facing demons from his past; It shouldn’t end with him pushing all of that one more time to put on his own suit.

3. It would alter what Fury means in the MCU

Nick Fury sitting on a couch with a gun in a scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home
Image via Marvel Studios

Balance: That’s what Fury is a symbol of in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having a superpowered suit or a million powers doesn’t make you a hero. It’s the willingness to make the tough decisions, use his wits, lead when no one else dares, and take risks because the situation demands it, not because his super abilities give him the opportunity to be reckless.

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