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Wordle is a challenging daily puzzle that continues to expand our minds to the fullest. Five-letter words ending in OUR are some of the hardest types of vocabulary you can think of. They are limited in scope for five-letter words, since OUR is used in many six-letter words, such as favor and savor. With that in mind, here are 5-letter words that end in OUR.

The limited number of 5-letter words using OUR in Wordle

  • Affair
  • colour
  • glory
  • Flour
  • Smell
  • Scrub
  • stour

As you can see, there is a limited scope of five-letter words that you can use in Wordle. You will probably find the answer within the limited attempts that Wordle offers its players to solve the word puzzle.

The best strategy for using OUR words in this New York Times game is to think about how the British dictionary would spell certain words. For example, in the United States, odor is written as smell. Both versions mean the same thing, but smell is the proper term in most dictionaries, while in the US the “u” is skipped.

Unfortunately, the Irish slang word “Beour”, which describes a woman as attractive, does not count in Wordle. It is not a proper term in the English dictionary. However, it can be found interestingly in the Urban Dictionary. Perhaps one day it will make the leap as an official word in the Oxford or Cambridge dictionaries.

Although “amour” is a French word, it is defined in the dictionary of our language. It is probably due to the close cousin of the word “Amore” in the popular Dean Martin song that made “amour” a popular word to describe love in the English dictionary.

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Stay tuned for DoubleXP Wordle coverage as we create a list of words suitable for your daily puzzles. For example, we already discovered the Wordle puzzle from May 18.

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