5 Most Iconic Anime Lawyers, Ranked

There’s nothing like a good legal drama, and there are plenty of outlets that cover the detective side of things. Find clues, interrogate suspects, make the culprit confess. It can all be quite exciting. Add a courtroom and things can really get better. Whether it’s the lawyer defending his client from false claims or the prosecutor questioning the guilty until they fall apart.

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Even animated he has immersed himself in the legal world, be it for dramatic or comedic purposes. Here is the case of 5 anime best legal professionals, ranked by their success and status in their respective programs. The court is now in session. Here are the verdicts.

5 Olga, Ristorante Paradiso

This one is low on the list because Restaurant Paradiso it’s not really about the law or the drama. Olga turns out to be a divorce lawyer. But she is also the character who inadvertently sets the show in motion. When she was young, she abandoned her daughter Nicoletta to move to Rome and marry a new man. 15 years later, Nicoletta tracks her down to Casetta dell’Orso, a restaurant that she and her husband Lorenzo own.

Nicoletta is determined to get revenge by ruining her estranged mother’s life. But there’s something about the restaurant’s warm atmosphere and engaging staff that eases her heart. The anime then follows her as she takes an apprenticeship there and tries to mend her relationship with her mother. It’s a nice and cozy show for fans of romance with a sour touch provided by Olga and her backstory.

4 mr abrams, pantyhose and stockings with garter belt

Starting with the comedy option. Mr. Abrams represented the Anarchy Sisters when they were accused of killing a friendly ghost in the episode ‘One Angry Ghost’. The Daten City TV show ‘Judgment Day’ described him as the smartest lawyer in town. Even though he was a literal monkey.

He would use a machine in his head to translate his thoughts into words, even if they weren’t particularly smart. Like comparing Panty bangs to bananas. Fortunately, after the sisters were electrocuted, Abrams touched Panty’s hair and received an electric shock. This increased his intelligence enough to prove the sisters innocent and reveal the real killers. For a character meant to be a joke, he ultimately met his clients.

3 Phoenix Wright, attorney ace

This character needs no introduction. Search for ‘anime lawyer’ in any search engine, and the ace lawyer The cast will make up most of the results. Some pages will benefit from the original antagonist Miles Edgeworth. others will prefer Trials and Tribulations‘ Prosecutor Godot. But the one who always wins is humble defense attorney Phoenix Wright. Time after time, and even when things seemed bleak, he has proven his clients’ innocence and identified the true villains in almost every case.

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However, he ranks low on this list because he’s not really an iconic anime lawyer. Wright hails from a series of visual novel video games. Sure, he got an anime adaptation in ace lawyer. But that show got a frosty reception due to its lackluster animation and underwhelming creative swings. It got better as it went on, but the show proved that Wright was a better advocate on Nintendo handhelds than he was on Crunchyroll.

two Teru Mikami, Death Note

Not all lawyers are heroes. Some just look out for their own interests or have a different idea of ​​what ‘justice’ is. When Light Yagami needed to shake off the heat when he became a suspect in the ‘Kira’ case, he found someone loyal to his cause in Teru Mikami, a criminal prosecutor who went to great lengths to protect the innocent. when he was young. He then he took a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

He saw things in terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and that the ‘bad’ had to be ‘erased’ in order to achieve true justice. Once the Kingdom of Kira was established, he took to its cause like a duck to water. His devotion was so strong that Light entrusted him with the Death Note. For a time, he became the ‘X Kira’ or ‘the Hand of Kira’. Ironically, for a character who saw everything in black and white, he’s a great example of a morally gray villain: his desire to protect the vulnerable and mete out justice made him a twisted killer.

1 Eri Kisaki, Detective Conan/Case Closed

Also known as Eva Kadan, Kisaki is a defense attorney who often provides advice to the show’s main characters. Whether Ella Ran de Ella’s daughter, or even the titular Conan himself, gets stuck trying to figure something out, she’s usually there to provide some information that clears up the case. She even gets in on the action at times through her judo skills, taught by her kind husband Kogorō.

Her hot and cold relationship with Kogorō plays a big part in the show, as the two often look down on each other. She is too rigid, and he is too childish. It was bad enough for the two of them to legally separate and live different lives. However, they always end up working on the same case in one way or another. They are an effective duo who have helped Conan and company a lot, and they know it too. As much as they annoy each other, they also love each other. For a children’s detective show, Detective Conan offers plenty of romantic drama in addition to legal and criminal proceedings.

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