6 free games for PC, PlayStation and Xbox: action, survival and much more for this weekend

From Far Cry 6 to Last Oasis: a review of everything we can try without paying a euro these next few days.

First Friday of August and the heat continues in our lives, but also free video games, this time with the leading role of a Far Cry 6 for those who want to get lost in the beaches, jungles and urban areas of Yara. But there is much more to choose from, between proposals to enjoy in multiplayer, survival titles, roguelike adventures, etc. Like every Friday, time to review the video games available for download or free trial in the coming days.

Type: Limited Time Trial

Barely a year has passed since we had to free the nation of Yara, a fictional island in the Caribbean, from the outrages of a dictator and his son in Far Cry 6. Now you can begin to discover some of the attractions of the action video game with a trial weekend courtesy of Ubisoft on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia.

Type: Limited Time Trial

Still in early access, for a couple of years Last Oasis has sought to carve out a niche for itself among the crowded survival MMOs for PC, betting on offering players an adventure where they have to travel through a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth stopped rotating and life it is only possible in a strip between sun and night.

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Type: Limited Time Trial

Asymmetrical multiplayer action video games haven’t had all the success in the world, except for rare occasions like Dead by Daylight. But there are many proposals that deserve to be recognized, like this Monstrum 2 where a group of four prisoners must escape from terrifying monsters. Free this weekend.

Type: Limited Time Trial

It hit stores last year, offering players a roguelike deck-building game with unique mechanics where you can perform powerful combos. Visually appealing, and well-reviewed on Steam, Roguebook now awaits discovery within Xbox Live Gold Free Play Days.

Type: Limited Time Trial

The Serpent Rogue sneaks into Xbox Live Gold Free Play Days. The video game this year to stores and offers users an adventure in which to explore a medieval fantasy world, master the art of alchemy and tame wild creatures. Sounds good, right? It has not had good reviews, but it will have to be tried.

Type: Download it and keep it forever!

The Epic Games Store is betting this week on cooperative play, inviting users to download Unrailed! for free, an adventure where you have to collaborate with friends to build a rail network through procedurally generated worlds. An intense and chaotic experience that is ideal for playing at home.

free games for everyone

Prime Gaming, Xbox Game Pass, PS Plus

And the list of games to take advantage of the weekend does not end here, since we have the option of exploring the new free games for subscribers in services such as PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Stadia Pro, Prime Gaming or Game Pass.

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