6 great Shonen manga that were left without ending

The unfinished works have tantalized readers about what might have been for centuries. What would Charles Dickens’s look like? The Edwin Drood Mystery Is over? What would Schubert’s be like? unfinished symphony have sounded if it was finished? Will megaman legends 3 ever be revived?

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Also applies to sleeve, but some strips can get lucky. Yoshihiro Togashi announced that he would resume his work in hunter x hunter after a long hiatus. Even crazed will continue, despite the passing of its creator Kentarō Miura. But not all manga have that opportunity. Unlike the aforementioned series, these unfinished shonen manga are unlikely to return.

6 id- the greatest fusion fantasy

This one is a bit different as it’s a manhwa instead of a manga. id- the greatest fusion fantasy was a KIM Daewoo and AT Kenny strip through BookBox. Based on the novel of the same name, the story follows Ye Chun Hwa, also known as ‘Id’, as he is taken from his world to a kingdom of dragons, elves, and other fantasy creatures. He forms a party with Irlina the Elf, Reindelph the Dwarf, Gray the Warrior, and others to fight the Fragments of Chaos and learn more about his past.

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The manhwa was popular enough to be republished on the internet, which was probably part of the problem. The strip’s publisher went bankrupt in 2009, ending the comic after eight years. It has been on hiatus ever since. AT Kenny went on to work on other projects, although he has expressed interest in bringing ID back. Let’s cross our fingers to make that comeback.

5 Bastard!!

Sometimes the title of a work sums it up completely. Bastard!! recounts how, long ago, the land of Metallicana came under the thrall of the wizard Dark Schneider. He was defeated, but, in order to avoid death, he used his magic to seal himself in the spirit of a young man named Lushe Renren. Years later, with Metallicana shattered by the Four Lords of the Havoc, the High Priest orders his daughter Yoko to awaken Dark Schneider and restore order to the world.

Kazushi Hagiwara’s story of murder, mayhem, and heavy metal references has been playing on and off since 1988. It even became popular enough to get a 6-episode OVA in the early ’90s (where Darran Norris aka Cosmo from The Fairly OddParents). The series has been on hiatus since 2010, though there is a 24-episode ONA planned for a June 2022 release. Like Schneider, Bastard!! can wake up once again.

4 fujimi lovers

alias undead lovers, Yuna Takagi’s mix of shonen action and romance had a curious premise. As a child, Jun Kōno fell in love with his classmate Rina Hasebe. However, as soon as he accepted her love, she disappeared without a trace. No one else could remember her either. She was like she never existed beyond Jun’s memories. Years later, she goes back to her high school, only now she’s a little different.

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Anyway, he keeps falling for her and she keeps disappearing as soon as he confesses. The manga was meant to show how he would break the cycle of reboots and keep Hasebe alive. On the face of it, Chapter 12 is a nice, bittersweet ending. Except that its last page ended with the phrase “End of Part 1”. That final chapter came out in February 2014, but sadly Part 2 has as much chance of making a comeback as Kōno’s lost love.

3 red goblin

red goblin takes place in a world where transportation is powered by a new source called Thunder-cores. In addition to creating more durable cars, buses, and trains, they’ve brought aircraft back in a newer, more viable way. Tatsu Frampt, an orphan from the slums, dreams of flying his own blimp one day. Later, his orphanage is attacked, leaving him the only survivor. He sets off to avenge the death of his friends and fulfill his dream.

Created by Tomohiro Yagi, the strip started right at the time Bleach ended. Fans thought it might help fill the void Tite Kubo’s flagship series left in their hearts. red goblin seemed like he had potential with his steampunk One piece premise but was canceled after only 3 months and 14 chapters. It had a kind of ending, although it is a very rushed matter that is left open. He suggested that Tatsu had more enemies waiting in the wings to attack. Instead, they will stay there forever.

two high school of death

Institute The story of high school students fighting zombies came right at the time when zombie media was everywhere and everywhere. Daisuke and Shōji Satō’s combination of horror and fanservice became a cult classic anime and light novel in the early 2010s. He even got an album of all his different ending themes from the band Kurosaki in 2011.

Sadly, the series began to decline when Daisuke Satō fell ill in 2008. He passed away 9 years later in 2017. After Satō’s passing, Shōji decided to end the series and work on his other series. Triage X. Without its head writer, High school he lost his heart, and is unlikely to restart any time soon.

1 Phoenix

Here’s an old school one that still hurts older otakus. by Osamu Tezuka Phoenix was his follow up Jungle Emperor Leo (also know as kimba the white lion). It was an ongoing series of tales about reincarnation, hence the name. The manga was divided into different chapters that alternated between the distant past and the distant future. For example, ‘Dawn’ had Queen Himiko of ancient Japan searching for a way to achieve eternal youth, while ‘Future’ had the remnants of humanity trying to prevent their inevitable end in 3304.

The series got multiple adaptations, from OVAs to feature-length anime, and even a live-action movie in 1978. Tezuka considered Phoenix be his life’s work and unfortunately, it ended with his life. He began work on the strip in 1954 and continued to draw it until his death in 1988 at the age of 60. He left a complete chapter, ‘Sun’, and unpublished and unfinished drawings of what would have been the next chapter. . No one beyond Tezuka’s family and close friends knows what might have been next, or if that work would have been the official conclusion to the series.

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