65-inch 4K TV: Amazon is selling this Philips Ambilight model exclusively and on sale

News good plan 65-inch 4K TV: Amazon is selling this Philips Ambilight model exclusively and on sale

Are you looking for a comfortable 4K TV to enjoy both your brand new PS5 and your Netflix evenings? Amazon has an exclusive at a pretty crazy price. The Philips 65PUS8106 and a 65-inch 4K TV with Ambilight, Dolby Vision and lots of other nice things… for 699€.

Very nice offer from Amazon for this Philips 65-inch 4K TV

Say what you want, when it comes to televisions, size matters. The democratization of 4K resolution has enabled something great. Today, to have a large TV in your living room, you no longer need to have a long distance back.

Even from less than 2 meters away, you will not see the pixels with the naked eye and you will be in optimal conditions to take full advantage of the immersion offered by a large screen. Here, we are talking about 65 inches, or 165 cm diagonally (when you come from an old Full HD TV, it feels really good).

Of course, if you want smaller, the model exists, still on sale, in a more standard size of 50 inches.

Buy the 65-inch Philips 81106 for €699

Buy the Philips 8106 50 inches at 499€

Price-wise, it’s pretty crazy. We get into the detailed specs just below, but for now, remember that there are on this model a reduction of 100€. For 50 inches, the price is €499 instead of €599. For 65 inches, you will pay €699 instead of €799.

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We have a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of 4K TVs, and we assure you that given the model, it is a Excellent value. Philips is a well-known and reliable brand, the Ambilight function is rare and coveted, the various compatibilities of the panel are worthy of the top of the range… really, whether you have gaming or cinema use of your screen, the case is very nice.

65-inch 4K TV: Amazon is selling this Philips Ambilight model exclusively and on sale

Features of the Philips 50PUS8106: Ambilight, Dolby Vision…

If Philips has managed to carve out a big slice of the huge pie that is the 4K TV market, it is thanks to an effective differentiation strategy. The difference between Philips 4K TVs and the competition is the technology Ambilight.

Drawing on their experience in the connected bulb sector (a market in which Philips Hue reign supreme), Philips engineers have developed this clever technology to enhance viewer immersion.

The principle is as follows: a series of LED diodes capable of lighting up in any color is arranged all around the television. Using the artificial intelligence inside the television, these diodes light up according to the image projected on the screen. For example, if you see a green laser beam passing from left to right, a green halo will follow its path. We have already been able to test the thing, and it is quite impressive.

Like all good recent 4K TVs, this model is a “smart TV” or simply “connected TV” in French. Clearly, this means that the TV can connect via WiFi or via an Ethernet cable to your box, then it acts more or less like a giant smartphone. On it you can download various apps via Android TV and its famous interface (YouTube, Twitch, Netflix of course, Disney+, Molotov, Amazon Prime Video…). Then, you will access it with a remote control. It’s super convenient. Ah and for the ultimate lazy people, Google Assistant is also in the game.

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Cinema and series always: we appreciate the compatibility with the Dolby license (Dolby Vision for the image and Dolby Atmos for the sound. With Philips, it wouldn’t be surprising if the TV was also HDR10+ compatible (there is very little info on Amazon, which owns the exclusivity of the model, but that’s usually the manufacturer’s policy.) So you can enjoy all the compatible content with the best calibration possible. Just like in the cinema.

Finally, level gamingit’s a 60 Hz panel. Enjoy PS5 and Xbox Series X titles in 4K – 60 FPS, the maximum resolution of the overwhelming majority of next gen titles.

Seeing all this for this price is rare enough to deserve a news!

Buy the 65-inch Philips 81106 for €699

Buy the Philips 8106 50 inches at 499€

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