8 Marvel Heroes Who Are Extremely Manipulative

in the world of marvel comics, things are not always as black and white as they seem. Some villains do great deeds, while some heroes commit terrible acts of violence. They include the favorite heroes of some Marvel fans, who sometimes give up their moral standards to get what they want.

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These heroes, whether intentionally or not, have used their superpowers to manipulate those around them. Sometimes, they don’t even need their powers to psychologically mess with their allies or their enemies. These eight characters throughout comic book history are among Marvel’s worst of the best.

8 Tony Stark

The billionaire playboy who would eventually become Iron Man has rarely been a symbol of honor or justice. He is known to be selfish, arrogant, and irresponsible, even after donning his superhero outfit. However, his journey as Iron Man teaches her the cost of doing the right thing, even if that cost is doing the wrong thing.

An example of this is during Civil war Story Like the movie, this story finds Stark and Steve Rogers at odds over superhero registration. It is revealed that Peter Parker is being manipulated into supporting the record, while the unregistered heroes are being imprisoned by Stark in the Negative Zone.

7 black widow

Natasha Romanoff has a complicated past before becoming an Avenger. As a child, she was trained to become an assassin for Black Widow in the Red Room. During this time, she herself was manipulated into killing Iron Man and Hawkeye, though she was eventually cured of her brainwashing and became a close ally of theirs.

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However, this time, as an assassin, he saw Natasha doing whatever it took to eliminate her enemies. Often Natasha’s evil actions were caused by brainwashing or manipulation from some other source. Still, the Marvel Comics version of Natasha is often one of the least trustworthy members of the Avengers.

6 Wanda Maximoff

MCU fans know all too well how dangerous the Scarlet Witch can be. As a user of Chaos Magic, Wanda is capable of manipulating reality, energy, and even souls. When she is used to her own wishes, Wanda has become responsible for some major events in Marvel Comics, such as the genocide of mutants in house of m.

However, Wanda’s goal has rarely been power, eternal life, or riches. Often her manipulation of others, her minds, or her reality is in order to live a comfortable life for herself. In Wanda VisionY Doctor strange in the multiverse of madnessMCU fans see this represented through his search for his children.

5 Poison

Eddie Brock was a lowly journalist before Spider-Man ruined his career. However, he was given the chance to get revenge when he became possessed by the alien symbiote known as Venom. Together, the two became one of Spider-Man’s greatest adversaries, despite the fact that the symbiote manipulated Brock’s memories.

However, Venom is not always an evil character. Eddie Brock’s determination to make up for his complicated past even results in him becoming an ally of Spider-Man. However, Eddie and the symbiote are constantly fighting for control, with one attempting to manipulate the other into doing what he wants.

4 namor

Namor, despite being commonly a hero, is at times one of the most arrogant and narcissistic Marvel characters. Especially when Namor is in positions of power, he is more volatile in terms of his emotional behavior. For example, as a member of the Illuminati, Namor’s hostility often clashed with the rest of the group.

On the other hand, Namor has quite a few reasons to act arrogant and disrespectful to the rest of the world. As the first mutant, Namor has rarely been accepted by much of society. In a way, his hatred and cruel manipulations of humanity have been a result of the way mutants are discriminated against in the comics.

3 emma frost

Speaking of mutants, you can’t talk about manipulation in the MCU without mentioning Emma Frost. As a telepath, Emma is capable of mind control, casting illusions, and altering the memories of others. Before becoming an ally of Charles Xavier, she used these mutant powers to manipulate younger mutants like Kitty Pryde.

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However, joining the X-Men doesn’t exactly fix Emma’s propensity for moral ambiguity. Emma is subject to a secondary mutation, which gives an additional power to her telepathy, a crystallized diamond form. While this makes her a strong ally to the X-Men, it also causes her to lose empathy for others.

two Eros

Starfox, also known as Eros, appears in a mid-credits scene of the eternals, played by Harry Styles. This character is an Eternal and brother of Thanos, but from his appearance he seems more charming and heroic than his familiar. Don’t be fooled by Harry Styles’ charm, as Eros is a very dangerous individual in the comics.

As the Eternal, Eros’ main powers include the ability to manipulate people’s emotions. This has allowed him to do some pretty heinous things, like sexually assaulting a married woman. He was defended in court by Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, who he also manipulated into being seduced by him.

1 Loki

As the Trickster God of Asgard and brother to Thor, Loki has had a long history of being manipulative. After all, it is through Loki’s manipulation of the Hulk that leads to the initial formation of the Avengers. However, Loki’s most surprising character development in the comics is his transition to becoming a hero.

Loki has used his powers of deception and manipulation for good, though these times are few and far between. In mighty avengersLoki assumed the guise of Wanda Maximoff to convince the Avengers to confront the Elder God Chthon. He also manipulated Norman Osborn into leading an attack on Asgard.

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