9 Things Grand Theft Auto 5 Does Better Than Any Game In The Rockstar Franchise

grand theft auto 5 was released in 2013 and is still the definitive Grand Theft Auto experience. Rockstar Games learns something new from each title, so fans are looking forward to the potential of grand theft auto 6considering that by the time it will be released, more than ten years will have passed since grand theft auto 5.

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There are a lot of things that GTA 5 it does better than other Rockstar titles, including its western franchise, red dead. The iconic return to San Andreas reinforces great features, characters, and missions to keep the player experience fun over 9 years later.

9 weapon wheel

As a satire of modern America, GTA 5 It is the home of guns and more guns. This can range from a broken bottle to a machine gun. All of these weapons can be purchased at Ammu-Nation, the chain of gun stores in Los Santos. The online mode GTA 5 features even more weapons, like alien blaster rifles.

Having a large number of weapons cannot be an easy task, especially when players find themselves in a situation where they are searching through their inventory to try and find a viable weapon to use. luckily for GTA 5 players, time slows down when the weapon wheel is open, allowing players to easily access a different weapon before firing back.

8 three protagonists

grand theft auto 5 is the first Rockstar title to feature not just one protagonist, but three of them. The game does a great job of managing the stories and wishes of three central characters. As the player continues GTA 5they will juggle the separate and joint missions of Franklin, Michael and Trevor.

The inclusion of three protagonists was a bet that paid off in GTA 5. Add more content and a variety of options, including different endings. Each protagonist also has her special ability and skill set.

7 variety of vehicles

A Grand Theft Auto the game wouldn’t mean much without the ability to steal cars. It has never been easier than in GTA 5, in which players just have to walk to a car, break the window, or knock the driver out of the driver’s seat. There are many cars on the streets of Los Santos, some low-end and some high-end.

The player can not only steal some cool cars and upgrade them to their specifications, but can also purchase vehicles from the many websites on the character’s phone. These vehicles range from airplanes, helicopters, cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles. There is a wide variety of fast cars, powerful cars and even dangerous planes.

6 the mysteries

Rockstar Games always includes a wild cast of colorful characters. These characters can be the definition of crazy and can often be found as specific characters in Los Santos. These are often referred to as weird quests and can include big mysteries like Franklin and a talking dog, or even something silly with Michael’s dysfunctional family.

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There are a lot of mysteries in GTA 5. At certain times, in certain locations, players may encounter hovering UFOs or underwater bunkers that will kill them if they get too close. There’s even a ghost mystery that Franklin can solve. He is wild and perfect for the satirical world of GTA.

5 abundance of music

No car ride is more boring than a lack of music. Either from the AUX cable or from the radio. Players can be on the road for a while at GTA 5, with the great open space in Sandy Shores, or stuck on the highway in Vinewood. The ability to listen to music is excellent, and GTA 5 has licensed some amazing tunes.

the songs in GTA 5 it can range from some of the best classics in a multitude of genres. From rock to rap, there is a station for everyone. Many songs will have the player bang their heads on the beat or wait until the song ends before leaving their car to start a mission. This is the benefit of having licensed music.

4 Los Angeles recreation

It’s no secret that the city of Los Santos is a direct comparison to the city of Los Angeles in California. Los Santos is huge and packed with interesting architecture and sights, much like its real-life counterpart. Many people to this day are still amazed at the similarities and attention to detail that the Rockstar Games team was able to develop when building Los Santos.

From the replicated Hollywood sign, it became “Vinewood” and Vespucci Beach and its pier. There is so much love and craftsmanship for the city of Los Santos, and when many see the images compared between the two cities, one fictional and one real, they are impressed.

3 activities galore

what are you doing GTA 5 So immersive is not only its great graphic capabilities, which are still maintained almost ten years later. GTA 5The allure of is aided by the many activities the player can embark on. This doesn’t just include hijacking a military plane and taking a ride in the sky, even if that’s a great activity for the game.

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Skydiving, tennis, golf and marathons are just a few of the many activities players can experience at GTA 5. It makes the player feel free, in the always sunny city of Los Santos, and really enjoy the high life, even if it is experienced with a controller in hand.

two robbery

Throughout GTA games, players can rob and steal anything they want to a criminal degree. Nevertheless, GTA 5 features a mechanic that is entirely new to the franchise and one that many hope will remain in GTA 6. Trevor and Michael are retired bank robbers, returned to action by the events of GTA 5.

There is a lot of heist content in story mode and a wide variety of ways to approach it. Players can choose which characters will help them in the heist. This depends on which cut the player is willing to play, as a smoother heist will require better pros who are willing to pay more. Stealing is a great feature for GTA 5and hopefully the future of the franchise.

1 online mode

When GTA 5 revealed the upcoming mode online, GTA: Onlineno one could foresee how big that mode would become. GTA: Online has passed GTA 5, thanks to the abundance of content such as the constant stream of updates. Players can dock with friends or create fun games and races for themselves and many other players online. There is a plethora of things to do, and players will never experience a true endgame.

GTA 5 has had a long life, and part of that is thanks to GTA: Online, and how it continues to evolve even after nearly a decade. online mode for GTA 5 really blows other modes out of the water, like red dead redemption 2. It’s an open world experience for everyone to enjoy.

grand theft auto 5 It is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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