9 Things Red Dead Redemption 2 Does Better Than Any Other Rockstar Game

Rockstar Games title in 2018 red dead redemption 2 was his last, and perhaps the best release since the critically and commercially acclaimed grand theft auto 5. As red dead redemption 2 it’s a 2010 prequel red dead redemptionthere are many things that the game manages to achieve.

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There is a lot of competition between Rockstars Games as with each title they try very hard to outdo themselves every time. It shows how brilliant they are at creating immersive open world titles, which many enjoy. red dead redemption 2 is the latest to try to take the crown as the best Rockstar game.

9 Abundance of activities

With most Rockstar titles, the open world can feel too open. not much to do in Grand Theft Auto when you ride in super fast cars, and there aren’t many flashy moments that happen outside of the story missions. red dead redemption 2 change that.

In red dead redemption 2, players can’t exactly roll up their car windows. They are constantly off the beaten path in the saddle of their horse. Players can be approached by strangers who want to compete, need medical attention, or just want to steal from them. Bring life to the world by having these random activities.

8 Personal history

When grand theft auto 5 came out, players experienced a story that intertwined multiple protagonists. Franklin, Michael and Trevor’s lives were intertwined with crime and broken ties. This was largely executed by Rockstar, but it wasn’t as intimate as a story with a singular lead would be.

red dead redemption 2 features Arthur Morgan as the singular lead. Since players only have to focus on Arthur, they become much more involved in the history and health of him in the era of the dying Old West. Arthur Morgan soon became an iconic character, all in part due to Roger Clarke’s portrayal of him.

7 immersive world

Whether players are zipping across snowy mountain tops or having fun in colorful flower fields, red dead redemption 2 offers a wide variety of immersion in its world. From the detail of the buildings, characters and environments, to the feeling of being inhabited.

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The sound design of the birds singing in the trees and the hooves of the horses treading on the muddy paths help make the world seem so real. Players can spend hours just exploring this world and enjoying it for its uniqueness compared to the world we inhabit now.

6 Original Soundtrack

An important aspect of all visual media is that of original soundtracks. red dead redemption 2 It has no way of presenting licensed music on radio, simply because that wouldn’t make sense at the time. What the game does well is feature excellent original music by composer Woody Jackson.

From the initial titles of red dead redemption 2, the music catches the player and reinforces the excellent visuals. Whether it’s the Adler ranch fire, American Venom’s scornful revenge, or just riding down an open trail. Who doesn’t love an original Willie Nelson theme, with the beautiful “Cruel World”.

5 sense of family

Another great aspect of this open world western game is the gang that the player lives with. Much of the story involves the Dutch Van Der Linde and the Van Der Linde Gang. As the group camps out in different locations to evade the authorities in an ever-changing America, they further develop their bonds.

Players can play, talk, dance, and sing with their bandmates. It makes the player develop a deeper emotional connection with the characters, like if Arthur was away from the camp for too long, a member would go out looking for Arthur and make sure he’s okay. It all makes the Van Der Linde Gang tragedy even more heartbreaking.

4 hunting lands

grand theft auto 5 dabbled in hunting, as some missions have Trevor using a deer call to hunt and shoot the animals in the forest areas. This was not something that was extended from GTA 5 it was mostly about heists and fast cars. With RDR 2players continue to inhabit a world shared by nature and not too overrun by urban landscapes.

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Players can venture out to hunt legendary animals and even fish. They can track animals and hunt them with the correct equipment to ensure that the best materials are obtained from the killed animal. It is a great activity in RDR 2and one that bristles with detail.

3 diverse map

red dead redemption 2 it is the first Rockstar game to feature more than one state in the size of the map. The gigantic map RDR 2 features 5 major states: Ambarino, Lemoyne, New Austin, New Hanover, and West Elizabeth. The great thing about these places is that everyone feels unique and justified by their namesake.

Some areas are dry and hot, forcing the player to wear summer clothing. Other areas may include icy mountaintops and snowy infernos that require the player to wear coats and gloves so they don’t freeze. the diversity in RDR 2The map is an amazing feature.

two western environment

Westerns have been a Hollywood icon since the early years of the 20th century. Hollywood helped romanticize the age of the West in this epic American adventure, filled with gunfights, cattle rustling, and horseback riding. Legends emerged from Hollywood like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, all thanks to the success of westerns.

red dead redemption 2 It perfectly encapsulates that western feel, taking gamers back to the Old West with a controller in hand. There is a great deal of love for the genre that is clearly on display in the game. From the dialogue to the costumes to the action set pieces involved in the story.

1 John Marston

Every Rockstar game has its iconic protagonist. Whether it’s the great Tommy Vercetti of GTA Vice Cityeither GTA San Andreas‘CJ. None have captured the attention and love of the public like the one in 2010. red dead redemption Starring: John Marston.

Rob Wiethoff returns to iconic cowboy John Marston in red dead redemption 2. He is a character of great success and tragedy, and RDR 2 he seeks to expand his relationship with the Van Der Linde gang and, more importantly, with his mentor, Arthur Morgan. Seeing John Marston again, even though it was a prequel, was a great joy for many fans of the red dead franchise.

red dead redemption 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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