9 Video Game Characters Who Use Musical Instruments As Weapons

Many video game characters choose to use relatively normal yet effective weapons in their games, but some seek to showcase their musical talents before their fighting skills. Although several of these musical style weapons appearing too impractical to benefit their wielder in a combat situation, their magical powers and designs can often set them apart as exceptionally powerful weapons.

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There is a charming nature to those who choose to wield a sword or flute rather than a more practical weapon. It can allow a character’s personality to overshadow that of their companions during a battle, while also highlighting the unique power they wield through their surprisingly useful instruments. A musical instrument can sometimes be the most powerful weapon in a game.

9 Jimmy (South Park: The Stick of Truth)

The flute is a weapon that Jimmy obtains by completing the quest known as Magical Songs. Accepting the mission from Farmer Bill, the group will be forced to fight against a group of Nazi cows. Once these dictator farm animals are defeated, the player can climb the ladder in the same room to find the flute.

The flute has the power to put enemies to sleep, giving the player enough time to strategize and decide what their next move will be. It’s an incredibly effective item that can make the toughest of battles a lot less challenging.

8 Shuyin (Final Fantasy 10-2)

final fantasy 10-2 follows the story of Yuna as she searches the far reaches of Spira in hopes of uncovering the vast history of the world. While traveling, a world-destroying machine is brought to life by a spirit seeking revenge on Bevelle.

The machina, known as the Vegnagun, is a terrifyingly large beast that operates under Shuyin’s control. When Yuna is forced to face this monstrosity, Shuyin commands her to attack by touching the organ located on the back of her head. Although its size is intimidating, it is nothing more than a glorified piano that Shuyin is skilled at playing.

7 Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons Wrestling)

One of the most iconic characters in animation is Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons. Undoubtedly the smartest 8-year-old on the show, Lisa is a well-spoken and open-minded young lady with an incredible gift for playing the saxophone.

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simpsons fight takes away Lisa’s innocent behavior by placing her in a wrestling ring. As she fights with her close friends and family, she chooses to wield her saxophone as her primary means of dealing damage to her enemies. Lisa can decimate her opponents by playing her saxophone, making her a terrifying force in the ring.

6 Lone Survivor (Fallout 76)

If the player seeks to display his musical talents in Fallout 76 they may be excited to hear of the guitar sword’s presence. The guitar sword, found in various locations, is one of three unique musical weapons present in the game.

Guitar Sword was once planned to be playable on Fallout 76, but unfortunately the only animation that shows the instrument being played is hidden in the game files. It lacks a fingerboard, but the body, strings and headstock confirm its musical abilities, establishing anyone who handles it as nothing less than a rock star.

5 Mr. Bones (Mr. Bones)

Mr. Bones, as his name suggests, is a skeleton. Once a blues musician before his untimely death, Mr. Bones continues to cling to his guitar even in his afterlife.

Mr. Bones primarily uses his guitar skills to calm down aggressive audiences. Although his use of the guitar rarely results in damage to his enemies, he is certainly a fantastic means of crowd control. With his musical abilities, Mr. Bones would have been repeatedly invaded by his enemies.

4 Eiko (Final Fantasy 9)

The Angel Flute weapon has appeared several times throughout the Final Fantasy Serie. It is one of the most powerful weapons available to Eiko in final fantasy 9.

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If the player ventures into the Hall of Memory, they may come across the Angel Flute on the left side of the throne. Eiko’s character can wield this instrument to cast Curaga, Esuna, and Holy, some of the most powerful white magic spells in the franchise.

3 Eddie Riggs (Brutal Legend)

When Eddie Riggs finds himself in a medieval land full of otherworldly beasts, he picks up his guitar, Clementine. Often referred to as the “greatest roadie of all time”, Eddie has a musical gift that helps him a lot in combat.

Since his skills are no longer overshadowed by the band he toured with, Eddie is given the opportunity to take center stage in brutal legend. By shredding metal with his guitar, Eddie can melt the faces of his enemies, a musical feat not many video game characters are capable of.

two Sheikh (Hyrule Warriors)

The harp is one of the most iconic weapons present in The legend of Zelda thanks to his magical abilities. Primarily used by the Sheikah race, it allows the user to cast powerful magic through song. Hyrule Warriors sees Sheik using a harp as his main weapon.

Throughout the game, Sheik uses this instrument to cast a variety of different spells by playing different songs. The medleys he performs are beautiful, but the power he uses is devastating. The harp allows the work to invoke the elements of fire, ice, lightning, shadow and light.

1 Demyx (Kingdom Hearts)

In a series where most characters choose to wield an oversized key, it’s hard to imagine a more ridiculous means of combat. Introduction of Demyx in kingdom hearts 2 It introduced him to a distaste for fighting and this is further shown through his choice of weaponry.

When Demyx is forced to engage in battle, he will summon his sitar. Most of the time he releases his aggression by hitting his enemies with this musical instrument, but he often stops the battle to play. Playing the sitar gives Demyx the ability to summon water-based enemies to aid him in battle.

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