A brave movie buff searches for the worst comedy movie ever made

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There have been many bad movies over the years, and many of them have fallen into the comedy genre, however, a movie fan isn’t looking for any “funny” movies, they want the worst of the worst.

In a post on Reddit, a movie buff tempted the movie gods by finding the worst comedy movie of all time. The post asked Redditors to share their suggestions for the worst comedy movie out there, but there were set parameters.

“It’s not a ‘so bad it’s good’ comedy, not even an aggressively mediocre and otherwise forgettable comedy, but just a irredeemable bunch. I want to see more than 90 minutes of prank after prank failing. Shit Friedberg and Seltzer would have removed. What is the lowest of the low? Direct-to-video and direct-to-broadcast are welcome.”

With these being the only guidelines, unsurprisingly there were plenty of names dropped and unrestricted. From heartbreaking sequels to classic movies, forgotten parody titles from the mid-2000s, and even movies from YouTube icons, here’s what movie fans have to offer.

You are likely to come across one or more of these movies over the years. While it’s not clear which of these is the worst, you have plenty of options if you plan on experiencing something stale during your next movie night.

Of course, there will always be new comedy movies coming out that will take their rightful place on this list, but for now, here are the best suggestions fans have for you. You can see more in the thread here.

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