A controversial hit comedy that continued to cause havoc jumps 65 places in streaming

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A comedy based on a normal guy receiving god powers would always cause controversy, and while that was true to a degree, bruce almighty it ended up causing continual havoc of an entirely different nature.

Jim Carrey’s smash hit was initially banned in Egypt and Malaysia for depicting the deity as a common guy, but the respective censorship boards eventually relented, but not before first giving the film the highest possible rating to dissuade audiences. younger to see it for themselves.

However, it was something as innocuous as a phone number that caused most of the problems, with bruce almighty opting not to use the standard 555 prefix preferred by Hollywood. As a result, the number seen in the initial release was a genuine hardliner, leading to a church in North Carolina, a pastor in Wisconsin, and a sandwich shop in England, to name just three, being inundated with anxious people. for talking to the man upstairs. in person.

bruce almighty

Unsurprisingly, Universal flipped the digits for the home video and televised editions of Tom Shadyac’s box office juggernaut, which must have come as a relief to the aforementioned parties. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of bruce almightybut Carrey’s classic is proving as popular as ever on streaming.

According to FlixPatrol, the $484 million success story has jumped 65 places on Prime Video’s global charts overnight, with many people evidently shocked at the idea of ​​revisiting it. bruce almighty exactly at the same time. We dare say it could even be fate…

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