A Crash-and-Burn Award Bait A-List Collaboration Wins a Stream Participation Trophy

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On paper, everyone expected last year A diary for Jordan be a potential Academy Award nominee, and with very good reason.

Directed and produced by living legend Denzel Washington, who has two Oscars of his own for a whopping 10 nominations in total, and adapted from Dana Canedy’s poignant memoir that centered on a soldier deployed to Iraq who kept the record holder of his little son. back home, all while the on-screen version of Canedy recalls the story of his life-changing relationship with unwaveringly devoted family man Charles Monroe King.

Magazine for Jordan

The unstoppably charming, charismatic and talented Michael B. Jordan played the title role and donned his own producer hat through his Outlier Society banner, with movie fans salivating at the prospect of the titans of two generations combining their talents to unleash a hard coming to the drama right in the middle of awards season. At least until A diary for Jordan released, and then the excitement evaporated in an instant.

A 39 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes was a crushing disappointment, and that’s not to mention a disastrous sub-$7 million box office tally, shockingly poor for a $25 million project that features Washington behind the camera and Jordan behind the camera. front. The movie crashed and burned in an instant, but name recognition is still a huge draw in streaming.

According to FlixPatrol, A diary for Jordan has shaken off its bad reputation to make an impact on Netflix’s most-watched list, even if the collaboration everyone wanted to see ended up delivering results no one expected.

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