A Different Kind of Dwayne Johnson Movie Gets Too Much into the Streaming Charts

via Lionsgate

Having become the biggest, most popular and highest paid star in the industry, everyone knows what to expect from a Dwayne Johnson film at this stage, which has essentially become a subgenre of its own over the last decade.

The protagonist will almost always produce through his Seven Bucks company, the budget will exceed $100 million, mayhem and CGI-driven spectacle will be the order of the day, and the former professional wrestler will play a current or former member of the police. or military man, who also functions as a family man with a 50/50 chance of divorce.

In fact, if you exclude any animated voice roles or brief cameo appearances, then the only couple of Johnson’s last 21 feature credits that didn’t check at least two of those boxes are Snitch and Michael Bay pain and gainwhich is a damning indictment of A-lister’s steadfast refusal to even contemplate venturing out of his wheelhouse.

via Lionsgate

The former is an efficient little police thriller that features one of Johnson’s most underrated performances, with the hulking action hero portrayed as a troubled father who voluntarily goes undercover at the behest of the DEA to infiltrate the Mexican drug trade and try to save money. some of the time. his son’s prison sentence after the young man was caught with an illicit shipment.

Hardly a big hit from a critical or commercial perspective, Snitch nonetheless made a streaming sensation this weekend after hitting the iTunes Most Viewed list, according to FlixPatrol. Smaller in scale than more recent Johnson vehicles, it would be nice to see it attempt to stretch its dramatic muscles much more often than we’ve seen.

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