A fusion between a MacBook and a car? A designer tried to find out what it could look like

News hardware A fusion between a MacBook and a car? A designer tried to find out what it could look like

If we are witnessing Apple Mania this September, it is largely thanks to the Apple Keynote. Several announcements were therefore made during this conference, but nothing concerning the Apple Car. Still, that hasn’t stopped some eager people from trying to find out what this vehicle might look like.

iPhone 14, Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro 2 but no Apple Car

This month of September 2022 has started off with a bang with the traditional Apple Keynote. Hosted live from Apple Park by Tim Cook, the Cupertino company has lifted the veil on several long-awaited products. The conference first kicked off with announcements about the three new Apple Watch models : Series 8, SE (2022) and Ultra.

In a second step, the apple CEO directed all our attention to the second generation of AirPods Pro which embed several notable improvements such as the possibility of managing the volume directly from the headphones or the drastic improvement of active noise reduction.

The highlight of the show was the announcement of the four new iPhone models : 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Apple has again struck a blow by announcing its “Dynamic Island” which offers a complete reinterpretation of the notch. If many expected an almost complete disappearance of the latter, Apple chose to take everyone by surprise by transforming a defect into a strength.

Unfortunately, this Apple Keynote did not reserve any “One more thing”, as we have had in the past. A disappointment for some fans who were perhaps expecting an announcement around the Apple Caralthough the rumors left little room for doubt. But that was without counting on the clever little ones who have their heads full of ideas, like the designer John Mauriello who had the audacity to ask an artificial intelligence to merge a MacBook with a sports car to get a glimpse of the future Apple Car.

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MacBook + sports car = Apple Car?

Rumors around Apple’s future electric car are numerous, both in terms of design, features and performance. But for the moment, it is clear that no convincing information is circulating on the left or on the right. The only thing we know at the moment is part of the team working on this project.

Photo credit: John Mauriello

A fusion between a MacBook and a car?  A designer tried to find out what it could look like

To satisfy his impatience or relieve his curiosity, the designer from the California College of Arts, John Mauriello had the crazy idea of ​​asking the artificial intelligence DALL-E 2 to create a sports car by copying the design of a MacBook and a Magic Mouse. He then asked the AI ​​to refine the fusion asking him to take inspiration from the work of Jony Ivethe former head of design at Apple – the man behind the biggest successes of the apple.

The result obtained by the designer is, in our opinion, quite mixed. It’s up to you to think what you want, but it’s in this kind of situation that we realize that AIs still have a lot of room for improvement ahead of them. Here, we therefore find ourselves with a mix between an Aston Martin and an old Ferrari 250 GTO which borrows the typical gray color of Mercedes (or MacBook). In short, we have the impression of having already seen concepts because of this kind on the side of certain car manufacturers.

Photo credit: John Mauriello

A fusion between a MacBook and a car?  A designer tried to find out what it could look like

If an Apple one day reveals its Apple Car to us, it’s a safe bet that this vehicle will look nothing like the result obtained by John Mauriello thanks to DALL-E 2. If we trust the latest rumors roaming the Web, Tim Cook and his teams have instead decided to move towards a consumer electric car capable of doing without a driver. To be continued…

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