A girl killed by her family during an exorcism; her mother then posts a YouTube video

Arely, a three-year-old American girl, was killed by her family members who believed her to be “possessed by a demon”.

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It was in a church in San Jose, California, that the girl was strangled by her own mother, uncle and grandfather, reports the media KRON4.

The victim’s family believed she was “possessed by a demon, and were at church praying for her,” Assistant District Attorney Rebekah Wise said in court documents.

“The victim’s grandfather has been identified as the head of the church and claimed he was a certified pastor,” she added.

Arely died after more than 12 hours of torture, at approximately 6:30 p.m. The family called for help only two hours later, with nothing more the paramedics could do.

The thesis of the homicide was immediately confirmed, by suffocation and suffocation.

YouTube video

A bizarre video was posted on YouTube after the victim’s death, titled with her full name, Arely Naomi Proctor Hernandez.

The mother, who films herself alone for about 40 minutes, says “knowing the true conditions of death [de sa fille]“, while smiling and laughing punctually.

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