A half-cocked religious sex comedy gets hands-on on broadcast

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Trying to wrestle multiple elements from disparate genres into a single, cohesive and satisfying whole is never an easy task, but writer/director Karen Maine pulled it off with aplomb when Yes, God, yes it began rolling out in theaters, on-demand, and ultimately on Netflix more than a year after its premiere at the 2019 South by Southwest Festival.

A hybrid of drama, comedy, coming-of-age story and riotous sex game (all with religious undertones and overtones, we might add), a fantastic performance by Strange things Veteran Natalia Dyer saw the film win widespread critical acclaim, with Yes, God, yes earning the coveted Certified Fresh label from Rotten Tomatoes thanks to a score of 93 percent.

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Dyer’s Alice is an innocent Catholic teen, who finds her life and spirituality tested in more ways than one after she masturbates during an AOL chat, which obviously comes after she’s accused of throwing someone else’s salad, despite having no idea what the phrase is. medium.

From there, faith and temptation collide as our intrepid protagonist tries to reconcile her burgeoning awakening with her attendance at a retreat designed to end such sinful behavior. In the wrong hands, the film might have been little more than a crude sexual caper like we’ve seen many times before, but the combination of Maine and Dyer provides plenty of heart.

Streaming subscribers have also been getting in on the act, after Yes, God, yes hit that sweet spot on the global iTunes charts, according to FlixPatrol, with audiences enjoying themselves as the film wrapped to its climax.

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