A haunting Blumhouse horror welcomes uninvited guests upon request

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Seeing the Blumhouse brand attached to any horror project instantly raises anticipation among fans, as the team has become the genre’s biggest and most trusted 21st century hit maker. Jason Blum’s team has expanded into television, streaming and on-demand, with the past year A house in the swamp enjoying a surge in popularity as a result.

Originally released by Epix in November of last year, writer-director Alex McAulay’s chiller has since migrated to Paramount Plus (with the studio originally co-producing the film), where it managed to earn a spot in the platform’s global rankings according to FlixPatrol, which it even includes a Top 10 spot in Australia.

a house in the swamp
via Blumhouse

As far as the scary fee goes, don’t head to A house in the swamp expecting a lot in the way of originality, with the plot taking all the twists you’d expect from a story that centers on a divided couple who take their teenage daughter to a remote and scenic getaway spot to reconnect.

Once there, unexpected and unwelcome visitors appear on the scene, leading to secrets and mysteries being unraveled and unraveled, all polished with the necessary jump scares and whiplashes of bloody violence.

A house in the swamp offers absolutely nothing that hasn’t been seen or done before (no matter what’s been seen or done better), but there’s a reason horror has always maintained its unrelenting levels of popularity with the faithful, so if you’re hoping to see all the boxes checked one after another, then you could definitely do something much worse than checking it.

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