A lowbrow action comedy marks the detonation in the Netflix charts.

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Having broken out big directing zombie landRuben Fleischer once again set out to apply a fresh coat of paint on the standard tropes of a familiar genre with Jesse Eisenberg leading the way through his sophomore feature. 30 minutes or less.

Instead of shuffling hordes of the undead, Eisenberg this time positioned himself as the neurotic thinker at the center of an action comedy, dealing with such familiar facets as kidnapping, ransom, a time bomb, bank robbery. and the criminal underworld. . However, from a critical and commercial point of view, 30 minutes or less could not deliver.

30 minutes or less
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A $40 million box office take on a $28 million budget meant it wasn’t an outright disaster, but Rotten Tomatoes’ respective scores of 45 and 40 percent of audiences show just how disappointed both sides of the divide were with the final product. . The cast is largely excellent across the board, and there’s a decent streak of humor that’s repeatedly drawn, but the gags veer into the puerile far too often, and the occasional jarring bursts of violence create an odd tonal imbalance.

30 minutes less has a lot of fans, it should be noted, and it seems that many of them have flocked to their TVs and devices to re-watch the movie on Netflix. According to FlixPatrol, the caper that follows a pizza delivery guy forced to rob a bank with a bomb vest strapped to his chest has earned multiple Top 10 spots around the world, adding the perfect complement to many subscribers’ viewing experience.

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