A Messy Medieval Epic That Caused Controversy And Lawsuits Wins A Broadcast Power Struggle

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The historical epic is a genre often criticized for its inaccuracies, with filmmakers regularly brushing off criticism by stating that artistic license was an integral part of telling the right story designed to appeal to the largest audience. While that was part of the controversy around 2018 bad redit was just the tip of a controversial iceberg.

Originally set to be the central part of a trilogy, director Roel Reiné followed up with 2015’s Michel deRuyter telling the story of the titular king. Set in 754 AD, the Viking Age hack-and-slash ended up causing such a firestorm online that any plans for a third William of Orange-centric movie fizzled out.

evil red
via Splendid Film

In addition to the lack of historical veracity that outraged Dutch scholars, YouTube and Facebook even refused to show the trailer for bad red because it was considered offensive to a large number of people, particularly as regards the Christian community. As much as that neutralized the film’s chances of box office success, the backlash was far from over.

Just over four months later bad redThe June 2018 release, the producers sued YouTube for €200,000 after illegally pirated copies of the finished product were allegedly viewed more than half a million times on the site. So it was a disaster in every sense of the word, but a new life in the transmission can heal a small fraction of open wounds.

According to FlixPatrol, bad red has entered the Prime Video Top 10 in five different countries, none of which seem overly concerned about the international mishaps it nearly caused. But hey, it’s got Jonathan Banks from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, so that’s about it.

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