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If you’ve been a player for the last five years, it shouldn’t surprise you how good they are at Asobo Studio. Only in the last three, in fact, have they released a new IP that has become a reference for fans of old school video games as it was A Plague Tale Innocenceand they have also revitalized a brand that had been in the drawer of intellectual properties for several years microsoft with the wonderful Flight Simulator of 2020. Now, in 2022, they return to the fray with A Plague Tale Requiem and they are very clear about what they want, which is also surprisingly similar to what I want: One of those video games that are no longer made.

The big drawback if you are new here is that the title does not take the slightest trouble to introduce what happened in its predecessor. If you didn’t play it, you basically suck it up. It is true that the sequel works well independently if we are able to have patience with the exposition and fill in some empty spaces by drawing our own conclusions, but it is striking that no effort has been made in the prologue to provide context for the new people… And more so when the continuation, in addition to pc Y Switch where the original already came out, it is also launched in PS5 Y xbox series: platforms where that one did not see the light.

As soon as it catches us there is no way to want to abandon the adventure

I’m not going to do the classic exercise of telling you what the video game is about, because in addition to being a rather outdated concept, I think you should be the one to discover it. I’ll just introduce you by saying that there is a terrifying plague of rats in her medieval fantasy, and that the key to stop her lies with the two main brothers: Amy and Hugo (excellently dubbed into Spanish, by the way, like the rest of the cast; in a new location decision for the saga and that I applaud). From then on, we lived with them on a journey through different locations that not only has very well achieved the travel sensation, but it is also really interesting from all points of view. It may take a little while to start, but as soon as it catches us there is no way to want to abandon the adventure until we know how it ends. It achieves it with many springs, sprinkling the narrative with intrigues and hooks, but it also achieves it by sprinkling the experience of abundant secondary characters that accompany us at certain times, and that make the playable mechanics very varied since each of them contributes their bit of sand in the form of help that we can make use of.

A Plague Tale hallmark gameplay

If you played the first part you already know, and if not I’ll tell you. This saga are video games of type single player, but where you are almost always accompanied by someone. Whether it’s the little Hugo who has to be protected, like those other characters I was telling you about before. The intention of those responsible is at all times that we are always changing, always doing different things and that we achieve, in this way, a varied experience. This is very important in a title of these characteristics, especially when it doubles the duration of the original which, this time, becomes around 4-8 p.m.depending on our interest in finding everything the program offers.

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And it is that the exploration is, once again, one of the pillars of Requiem. There are many parts of the game in which we have to go through a linear scenario so that the characters speak since, aside from the spectacular cinematics that the title boasts, there is also a lot of in-game dialogue. Development, moreover, is linear; although it is noticeable that the levels are larger and have more twists and turns in order to find the always necessary ingredients to make either ammunition for our combat tools, or improvements for them. Both parts make up the manufacturing part of the game, which is very similar to the previous one, and forces us to go slowly and snoop around the sets to see what we find. In addition, there are also some collectibles to find in the form of memories that we can revisit and objects. Some of them do not have much relevance beyond our desire to complete, but there are others that tell us about the characters, their concerns and give them some depth.

This rather linear approach, as I say, happens in most chapters; however, there are parts in which the program opens its prism so much that it has so many that they flirt with concepts of open world, but in a very modest and extremely limited way. Parts in which we are warned that if we leave we will not be able to return, since there are various things to do, objects to collect either collectibles to find. Its importance is relative, we are not going to think that it is a revolution for the brand, but it is nice that they try something new.

A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Because if something characterizes the game it is its little playable innovation. I imagine that those responsible thought that it was enough risk to go against market trends and launch a linear third-person adventure video game with an individual character; enough to think about changing the formula a lot compared to the first part and alienating those who bought it. Where this continuity is most noticeable, for example, is in combat. There are rather few changes, but everything still works fine. There is some more option to use in combinations, and some weapon that debuts, but in general terms: identical. This means that we still have a great rock paper scissors in which we have to think about what kind of enemy we have in front of us, and what kind of combination of weapon with ammunition is the best to defeat him. bare head? slingshot with stone to the head and it will fall round. Commander armored to the top? I shoot at his weak point to dismantle his armor, we throw a vase with fuel liquid at his feet and a well-aimed arrow with Ignifer to set fire to everything. Soldier with torch lighting his way in the dark over rats? extinct to turn it off and the plague of creatures will do the rest.

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In fact, the rats are the great protagonists for the purposes of iconography in the video game, but the truth is that its presence in the playable experience itself is still rather punctual. there are more moments uncharted type that in the first part, sections raised very much in the style of a Hollywood action scene where we have to flee from its waves; but otherwise they are very limited to puzzles: rats are a natural barrier that we have to overcome using ingenuity. There are other puzzles to open doors, knock down structures or mount improvised stairs that allow us to reach higher positions, but all of them generally have in common that they are very simple and that, in fact, if we get stuck the game includes a track system by which our colleagues tell us what we have to do. It is appreciated that you can graduate, not only their presence or total absence, but also how often they appear.

A Plague Tale: Requiem.

For the rest, there are some other attractive details that have to do with how we participate in the campaign ourselves. For example, there are no decisions as suchbut yes a curious progression system which is based on them. That is, if we use stealth a lot, it will enhance our stealth bar, for example. There are three (Caution, Aggressiveness Y Opportunism) and each of them allows us to unlock four small skills. Not that any of them are going to change our lives, but they are an interesting incentive to see how the way of enjoying Requiem evolves in case you want to replay it.

Are the best graphics of 2022 those of Requiem?

The final stretch of the year is approaching and it’s time to put on the table the video games with the best graphics of the year, and surely titles as powerful as Horizon: Forbidden West, Dying Light 2, scorn either God of War: Ragnarok. However, I also think there will be the new A Plague Tale.

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A Plague Tale: Requiem.

If you want to be amazed at how it looks in motion, you have on these lines the beautiful video analysis at 4K and free of spoilers, so here we are going to comment on more specific things because, although the set is overwhelming, there are some things to improve. On the one hand, that the game does not have the increasingly common modes of fidelity, performance and others, if not that what is there is what there is… an option that does not seem bad at all, it is a decision of the Asobo team that, of course, I respect 100%. However, the game is not quite as sharp as I expected in terms of resolution, and it is not only because it has a slight lens effect (almost bull’s eye) that blurs the sides, but also because something is generally missing of resolution and is noticeable on some occasions more than others. Secondly, the game is targeting 30 FPS but neither ends up achieving them with the constancy that would be expected. So artistically yes, but technically… there are some little things that should be improved and that, knowing the perseverance of those responsible, will not be long in coming.

I prefer to stay on a positive note with the fact that this isn’t a big Triple-A blockbuster like others you see on the exclusive market, for example, but even so the result is aesthetically outstanding. It is clear that, even so, much more money and talent has been invested in improving the sound and graphics of its predecessor (which was already a really attractive release) and it is evident in many aspects. So, although there is some irregularity in details such as some modeling better than another or some chaining of animations that could be better achieved, the truth is that the strength of the artistic design, the increase in elements on the screen and in different situations makes the jump be very, very powerful.

Without providing great playable novelties, A Plague Tale Requiem makes up for the lack of innovation compared to its predecessor Innocence, betting on old-school gameplay that, unfortunately, we see less and less nowadays. If you like careful adventures, beautiful in substance and in form and that keep you glued to the screen, you can’t miss it.

Buy A Plague Tale: Requiem

  • Doubles the duration of its predecessor, Innocence.

  • Fewer individual adventures of this style are made than we would like

  • It has some of the most beautiful settings we have seen this year.

  • There is a host of quite interesting secondary characters.

  • Rats star in some of the most shocking moments of 2022.

Players: 1

Language: Texts in Spanish and voices in Spanish / English / French

Duration: 16-20 hours

See system requirements

See file of A Plague Tale: Requiem

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