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Mona Audet takes this notion of family literacy to heart, which she considers essential for the development of a healthy community.

“We want to put these trainings forward while making sure to add citizen participation. Reading and recipes are types of classic family literacy activities.

“With citizen participation, it takes the project into a more Canadian dimension. It is necessary to have solid programs because they serve the development of the family. A healthy family means more participation in the community, it’s good for everyone. »

Denis Desgagné, Executive Director of RESDAC, brings up a well-known proverb. “It is often said, It takes a village to raise a child. Family literacy is part of this village. »

Mona Audet is particularly proud that her organization was chosen. “Pluri-elles is known for its family literacy program. We have set up all sorts of activities such as yoga-storytelling, baby massage, storytelling for growing up healthy… We try to target the three development plans for family literacy: personal literacy, school/school literacy work and community literacy. »

| A common direction

Denis Desgagné highlights Manitoba’s contribution to such a project. “RESDAC is very happy to be able to support Pluri-elles in such a project. Manitoba is a center of expertise in family literacy. The proposed project is national, it will affect the members of RESDAC, it will affect Territories or Provinces which do not necessarily have a literacy programme. »

It must be said that to promote family literacy, you need a group of experts ready to collaborate on the same guideline. Mona Audet:

“We are going to seek literacy experts in the provinces, in the implementation of community programs. Part of the funds will go to research, in training. There is a lot of research work to be done to have a national vision. It’s a project that took us two weeks to set up.

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“Now we are going to launch calls for tenders for all the people we need for the project. The work will start on September 5th but the work with the customers will start later around the spring of 2023. An example of a project that we could help is the establishment of a craft forum in partnership to put back the money with someone from the community. There are plenty of possibilities that will take a direction after the research work has been done. This is a project that is set to evolve. »

Mona Audet makes a point of specifying that “it is an independent committee which validated our request for financing. I am the president of RESDAC. It was therefore absolutely necessary to pay attention to this whole part and establish as much transparency as possible.

“We will be evaluated on the use of money, on the development of projects, on the implementation and support from a national point of view. »

A point that Denis Desgagné completes. “There is a committee of experts who examined the projects and made recommendations to the Board. »

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