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Suzanne Kennelly, jazz singer. (photo: Raphael Boutroy)

With the end of a career, a new one begins. Suzanne Kennelly, former host for Radio-Canada, stands out as a French jazz singer. She sang on the first night of the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra’s Summer Concert Series and will be the host for this event.

By Raphael BOUTROY

After retiring from Radio-Canada, Suzanne Kennelly embarked on professional singing. This summer, she is the host for the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra’s Summer Concert Series.

From the age of 12, Suzanne Kennelly put her vocal cords to work. “I participated in my school choir, it’s not exactly what I sing today, but it was a good way for me to get into something that I already had an interest in. She followed this desire throughout her life, and it was the song that brought her to Western Canada: “I took part in a song gala in Vancouver, I started a little to make me known on the radio waves as a singer. I applied for a position as a host with Radio-Canada in Vancouver, but I was not selected for the position. On the other hand, they offered me a hosting contract in Saint-Boniface, so I took it and stayed there for a long time. »

After arriving in Manitoba, she quickly made the province her own, enjoying success on the airwaves and connecting with people. “I fell in love with Manitoba, I love living here, it’s a community that has allowed me to flourish in my career as a facilitator and in my social life. »

Manitoba welcomes his new song project with arms wide open: “Manitobans like jazz and it’s a group with which I can sing jazz in French, that’s precisely what I prefer. French jazz does not have a large audience, but it is a dedicated audience. »

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Since the start of the health crisis, Suzanne Kennelly has been preparing her second album, composed entirely of original songs. “My new album follows themes born of the health crisis and the restrictions that accompanied it. That’s really what I’ve felt and experienced over the past few years, I think the themes will be familiar to a lot of people,” she explains.

What motivates his new album is his personal happiness: “I’m recording a new album because I have the chance to do so and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It also means that I do it my way, that’s why I work with people I trust and who are friends, including David Grenon, Daniel Roy, Gilles Fournier and Marc Arnould. I didn’t want to work with a company that imposes rules, this project must be mine. »

On June 26, 2022, she had the chance to sing with the WJO while hosting the event in question at Patio 340. “It was an incredible experience for me, giving a concert is an extraordinary experience, we feels an incomparable energy coming from the musicians and the crowd. The WJO musicians are very talented, I felt almost intimidated by the idea of ​​playing with them. »

The WJO’s Summer Concert Series ends on August 21, 2022. On the program is the “Voix d’ici” which will feature Franco-Manitoban artists Jocelyne Baribeau and Ariane Jean.

Suzanne Kennelly encourages everyone to attend the WJO event: “It’s very well organized and the concerts are given by excellent artists. »

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