A Plague Tale: Requiem opens in October

A Plague Tale: Requiem It will be released later this year, on October 18, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S. There will also be a Nintendo Switch Cloud version, and the game will launch on Game Pass on day one.

The news comes via a recent showcase streamed by developer Focus Entertainment, which, well, focused on the 2019 sequel. A Plague Tale: Innocence. Approximately 10 minutes of new gameplay was shown. You may look at that here.

As we mentioned above, it seems that Amicia and her brother, Hugo, have truly lost their innocence. The sequel is taking a more violent turn than the original, with Amicia having far more lethal combat options at her disposal. Although there is still plenty of vitality to balance it all out, it seems. Story details are still pretty slim, though the most recent gameplay video does provide a bit more context to the game’s overall narrative.

A Plague Tale: Requiem I was revealed during E3 2021 with a cinematic trailer evoking the darkness the two brothers still face on their journey. A kind of preview of the sequel appeared in its predecessor., though just click to see what it was if you completed the original. Pre-orders are available now. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to October.

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