A reliably mediocre action movie hits the throat on the Netflix charts

via Lionsgate

There are certain names that can always be relied on to attract Netflix subscribers, with Jason Statham having comfortably established himself alongside Adam Sandler, Gerard Butler and Denzel Washington as recognizable stars who will see their back catalog draw a crowd every single time, even if the results are as terrible as those of 2015 Wildcard.

To be fair, it’s not the worst thing Statham has lent his name to, but it’s also not far from near the top of the heap. A reinterpretation of Burt Reynolds’ 1986 vehicle Heatwhich itself was adapted from William Goldman’s novel of the same name, also suffered the ignominy of sinking spectacularly at the box office earning less than $7 million in theaters on a $30 million budget.

via Lionsgate

However, as mentioned above, Statham knows how to capture imagination on demand, which is why Wildcard it has shrugged off its lukewarm reputation to find a spot on Netflix’s global charts, according to FlixPatrol. The chrome-domed martial artist remains firmly inside his wheelhouse as a bodyguard hunting down the thug who beat his friend to a pulp, only to discover that his target is the son of a powerful criminal figure.

You won’t find anything remotely resembling a surprise contained within WildcardThat’s as mediocre as Statham’s vehicles can get, but that doesn’t mean die-hard fans and veterans of the action hero won’t enjoy watching him do what he does best.

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