A star-studded action thriller that failed every time goes rogue on streaming

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A hard-hitting action thriller that features one of the best talents of its generation in the title role, along with a supporting cast packed with all-star actors, sounds like a fun time. However, despite the promise it had on paper, 2020 Ava it was a crushing disappointment that experienced failure in virtually every way.

With three-time Academy Award nominee (and eventual winner) Jessica Chastain dipping her toes in the ass-kicking waters, the film had an instant hook that drew audiences in, and we haven’t even mentioned the presence of his partner Oscar. winners Geena Davis and Common, Golden Globe winner Colin Farrell, or even the ever-welcome John Malkovich.


And yet, Ava It suffered from start to finish, with writer-director Matthew Newton leaving the project before being fired in the wake of domestic abuse allegations against him. On top of that, the finished product sat on the shelf for nearly 18 months after filming in late 2018, only to be unceremoniously shipped to die at the height of the first wave of the pandemic.

To rub additional salt into the wounds, critics and audiences savagely attacked the shooter, reducing it to a Rotten Tomatoes score of 18 percent and a user rating of 28 percent. Even if Ava Sounds like he’s virtually cursed, he’s managed to enjoy a renewed wave of appreciation on streaming this week.

According to FlixPatrol, the instantly-forgettable action actor has sneaked onto HBO Max’s global most-watched list, which is at least something to shout about for a Chastain-starring genre film that suffered even worse reviews than the 355.

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