A tortured epic cursed every step of the way suffers flashbacks on broadcast

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A troubled production has proven to be both a blessing and a curse, but few feature films in history have suffered as much adversity as Francis Ford Coppola’s. apocalypse nowwhich comfortably cast off the shackles of disaster to instantly establish itself as one of the greatest films ever made, whichever cut you prefer.

Cameras were originally scheduled to roll for five months, which is a huge amount of time, but the cast and crew ended up working for over a year. To add insult to injury (both literally and figuratively), the sets ended up being destroyed by severe weather, Martin Sheen collapsed and had a heart attack that nearly killed him, Marlon Brando turned up so overweight he had to be shrouded in shades, and the release date was repeatedly pushed back as Coppola and his team tried to put the exhaustive footage they had captured into shape.

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Then there was the controversy that was coupled with the actual slaughter of a water buffalo, the genuine human corpses on display that ended up being acquired by someone who turned out to be a grave robber, and Dennis Hopper’s vocal disdain for Brando that led to the partner. refusing to be near each other on set. Soon; apocalypse now It was a living nightmare from start to finish, but it’s also an unmissable cinematic classic.

It’s also a resurgent hit on streaming, with the unapologetic tale of savagery and human nature mired in the fog of war earning a spot on the iTunes Most Viewed World Ranking, achieving a Top 10 quartet worldwide. according to FlixPatrol. Chaos can often breed greatness, and that was definitely the case with Apocalypse Now.

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