AAA Clock is about to get a new time-telling rival on Switch

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Image: children’s room

We’ve been teasing the Switch AAA Clock app for a while now. But it won’t be the only time reading app anytime soon, as the publisher kids room has announced Clock Maker: My Clock – ver. digital (with timer). How many seconds do you think it takes to say that out loud? (Thanks Automata!)

On October 6, the bell rings in the Nintendo Switch clock app rivalries when Clock Maker launches on the eShop. This app will allow you to create your own digital clocks using your finger or a stylus. But the real draw is that you’ll be able to draw absolutely anything, so you can get a little creative with your digital Switch watches.

Look, we know the Switch has a built-in clock, but at least Clock Maker is only £1.00/$1.00 at the eShop (as opposed to AAA Clock’s $9.99 price), so if you’re a budding digital watchmaker, at minus this one won. It won’t set you back too much.

watch maker 2

If you want a little more information about the game, then the eShop description is certainly interesting:

Feel free to draw as you like with your finger or electronic pen.

Time is marked by the numbers you draw.

It will be a little warm and fuzzy when your lover or child draws it for you.

◆ I recommend this app to…
Parents who work alone
Painters (including self-proclaimed painters)
People who want to use their Nintendo Switch™ as a watch.

◆ Features
・You can draw the day of the week, the background, etc., and the tension will explode.
・Comes with a timer. It can be used as an accompaniment to cup noodles.

Hey, an instant noodle timer! Surely someone needs it, right? Right?

At least it’s a little fun. Y it is considerably cheaper. Is it an affordable way to create your own watch, at least…?

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Have you bought AAA watch? Are you nervous about these clock apps on Switch? Time is ticking, so let us know!

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