Aaron Taylor-Johnson sounds relieved he didn’t punch ‘Bullet Train’ co-star Brad Pitt in the face

Image via Sony Pictures

Hoping you haven’t punched Brad Pitt in the face is a very strange thing; not in the sense that it would be normal to want to punch Brad Pitt in the face, but the satirically low odds that you would ever be in a position where you have to hope for something like not punch Brad Pitt in the face.

However, those probabilities were fulfilled for Aaron Taylor Johnsonas well as several other cast members from the upcoming action comedy Bullet train, starring Brad Pitt as an assassin named Ladybug who is sent to collect an important item from a Kyoto-bound train. He discovers very quickly and just as violently that he is not the only killer on board.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tenet) referred to the film’s stunt dynamics, including its many fight scenes, and expressed relief that there were no mishaps involving his fist and Pitt’s face while on set.

“I have to go toe-to-toe with Brad. As everyone. We all give the great man a chance. Everyone gets a good piece of the pie. We all have our own really juicy action and our own fighting styles. It’s great. Fortunately I didn’t accidentally punch the most beautiful man in the world in the face.”

Bullet train opens in theaters in the United States on August 5. Beyond that, Marvel fans can look forward to Taylor-Johnson gearing up for the lead role in Sony’s film. kraven the hunter film, released in early 2023.

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