Adventure game ‘Calme’ reminds us of Ni No Kuni and Octopath Traveler

Developer Nonohara Works has announced Calme, an isometric adventure game that reminds us of Ni No Kuni and Octopath Traveler in terms of art direction.

It’s headed to Switch, but you better get comfortable, because the game is in the early stages of development and supposedly won’t be available until some time after 2024.

Here is some official information about the game’s premise:

The story takes place in a small town on a cliff called “Calme”. At the bottom of the cliff is the horizon of a sea of ​​clouds that never clears. Over the cliffs there is a mist in the distance. In this city, it echoes with the animated cries of the hunters of Cloudsea. What is the truth behind the mysterious sea of ​​clouds and the town? This is the story of the unique inhabitants of this harsh but beautiful cliff town.

You can check the official website right now, but we probably won’t get any substantial updates on this project for quite some time. Still, the first images look quite promising!

Does Calme look like something you’d be interested in? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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