After Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, regions need to find new inspiration

Little by little, Game Freak has begun to lift the veil scarlet pokemon Y Violet. So far, many great details have come to light. Fans now know that they’ll get the special experience from two different Pokémon professors depending on the version of the game, and can also look forward to a more open-world experience than ever before. Pokemon have ever experienced before. There are still some other amazing scarlet pokemon Y Violet details that have yet to be revealed, such as the name of the region, but the region itself looks quite attractive so far, whether it has a public name or not.


Pokemon The regions are very different from how they used to be, which is great, but recently the franchise has fallen into a new pattern, and that pattern is worth breaking. much of the recent Pokemon generations focus on a specific part of the real world, which means the franchise has been missing out on a lot of potential inspiration from other parts of the world. as charming as scarlet pokemon Y Violet‘s scenario looks like it should be the latest in the current trend of the franchise; there are many other parts of the Earth that Pokemon must draw from.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet return to Europe

Although Game Freak still has a lot of secrets in store, it’s pretty clear that scarlet pokemon Y Violet take place in a new Pokemon Region based on Spain. The game’s reveal trailer showed off a lot of architecture and landmarks that resemble real-life Spanish architecture, and the game features other design elements that evoke the image of Catalan culture. The trailer also included glimpses of a possible map of the region, which looked a lot like the Iberian Peninsula where Spain is located. It also doesn’t hurt that several new Pokémon like Fuecoco and Lechonk derive their names from Spanish words.

Pokemon You’ve never based a region on a Spanish-speaking country before, so Spain seems like a great option. However, it perpetuates a certain pattern that dominates most recent games: many of the latest Pokemon generations take place in fictional versions of Europe. Generation 6 pokemon x Y Y It will take place in the Kalos region, which draws heavily on French culture and history, and even boasts its own Eiffel Tower. the more recent pokemon sword Y Shield it was also inspired by the United Kingdom. Yes Scarlet Y Violet it really is based in Spain (and possibly Portugal), so it looks like the franchise won’t be leaving Europe just yet.

It is true that, Pokemon fans got a break from Europe in Generation 7, which took fans to the Hawaiian-inspired Alola region. However, as delightful as Alola was, the fact remains that Generation 9 will apparently be the third of four recent European regions. Europe is a dense place that is rich in diverse cultures, but still, focusing so much on this part of the world means that the Pokemon The franchise misses out on many other geographic muses that could bring even more variety to the franchise.

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Possible inspiration after Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

There are many parts of the world that have yet to gain a region in a core Pokemon play. For example, while pokemon black Y White items borrowed from the United States in North America, South America, and Central America have yet to come into the spotlight. Brazil seems like it could be an excellent inspiration for a Pokemon game with its great size, and the many nations of Central America could unite in a Pokemon game that takes full advantage of the area’s history and diverse geography.

Africa has also not yet found a spotlight in Pokemon, which is a shame, as Africa features tons of different biomes and cultures that seem ideal for a Pokemon region. Game Freak could keep its current pattern by focusing on a specific country in Africa like Egypt, Madagascar, or Nigeria, or it could more broadly highlight a certain section of Africa, representing various countries and cultures that come together to form that region.

Asia and Oceania also have a lot to offer Pokemon, even though the series already draws heavily from Japan. For example, China seems like a safe bet for a Pokemon region, thanks to thousands of years of history and many different environments that could inspire unique Pokémon. South Asia has a lot to offer Pokemon also. To cite just a few examples, India is an equally vast and rich country with plenty of room for a Pokemon region, while pokemon sun Y Moon have already laid the groundwork for an island hopping trip Pokemon adventure in a region based on Indonesia.

Pokemon needs regional variety

PokemonThe recent trend to focus on Europe isn’t entirely surprising, given the franchise’s roots. all first four Pokemon The regions were based on different parts of Japan, from the real-life Kanto region to Sinnoh’s roots in Hokkaido. Nevertheless, Pokemon you don’t have to preserve the pattern of moving around an area of ​​related regions just because you did it before; on the contrary, the franchise would be better off moving more.

The conclusion is that Pokemon is leaving a lot of great ideas on the table when it comes to designing its regions. Certainly, Europe has many very different countries to borrow from, but moving around Western Europe won’t provide the same amount of variety as creating new regions around the world. Different parts of the world can help make new Pokemon games feel fresher than ever, and Pokemon fans outside of Japan, Europe, and the United States would certainly appreciate exploring familiar yet fictional regions with a partner Pokémon.

For now, however, the trip to a region based on Spanish culture in scarlet pokemon Y Violet at least it sounds like its own change of pace. It may not be the same as a trip to South America or Africa, but for the Pokemon world, Spain is unknown in its own right. Regardless of your configuration, scarlet pokemon Y VioletThe open world region definitely lays the groundwork for some exciting exploration in any region that comes after the Iberian world of Gen 9. Hopefully Scarlet Y Violet become a starting point for bold international adventures.

scarlet pokemon Y Violet release on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

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