After Samsung, another manufacturer of folding smartphones could arrive in France

News hardware After Samsung, another manufacturer of folding smartphones could arrive in France

If Samsung currently has the monopoly of the folding smartphone in France, it would seem that the South Korean company will soon have to deal with the arrival of a Chinese competitor from Hexagon.

Oppo-branded smartphones are famous for displaying A very good value for money, and the brand regularly grabs market share from its competitors. However, it keeps some of its terminals for the Asian market : the Oppo Find N, a folding smartphone under Android, only released in China earlier this year. What disappoint many potential customers in Europe.

But it looks like the situation is about to change. Indeed, according to Indian leaker Mukul Sharma, Oppo would strongly consider releasing its next folding smartphones in Europe.

Oppo walks (a little too much) in the footsteps of Samsung

The objective of the Chinese manufacturer will be to actively compete with Samsungwhich recently highlighted significant sales of Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. And to do this, Oppo probably intends to play the provocation card.

Indeed, still according to Mukul Sharma, Oppo intends to name its next foldable smartphones Oppo Find N Fold and Oppo Find N Flip! It’s hard not to see the message sent by Oppo to Samsung, of which collapsible terminals have very similar names . The names of Oppo’s smartphones have been registered in Europe, which seems to confirm that their release will not be limited to Asia this time.

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More choice in Europe, but when?

It’s a certainty, Samsung will formalize the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 on August 10during its Galaxy Unpacked conference. If interesting novelties are there, the South Korean manufacturer should still sell a lot of them.

The Oppo Find N in all its states

The release of Oppo’s folding terminals in Europe is not yet dated. One can imagine that the trademark filings mean that the manufacturer is preparing to formalize them. The ultimate provocation against Samsung would be to do so during the month of August, but there is absolutely no concrete information to confirm such a possibility. Whatever, If you’re tempted to buy a foldable smartphone, it might be worth waiting a bit before checking out.

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