After the announcement of Iron Man, Marvel explains why it is not a good idea to replicate the MCU in video games

From the editorial firm they seek to offer developers the greatest possible freedom to tell their stories.

Dozens of movies and a growing number of television series have made the MCU one of the biggest entertainment franchises in history, capable of standing out for offering a cohesive universe where all its pieces fit together or at least pretend to. Why not replicate such success in video games? With the announcement of a new Iron Man adventure, Marvel Games wanted to answer this question.

We don’t want to say ‘you can’t fly the Moon, because this other studio needs it’Bill RosemannBill Rosemann, vice president and creative director of Marvel Games, argues in statements to GamesIndustry how they have discarded such an idea in favor of the creative freedom of developers to tell the stories they want, allowing them to make drastic decisions without thinking about how they affect other releases. . “We don’t want to say ‘you can’t fly the Moon, because this other studio needs the Moon.’ We want to give everyone the freedom and a path free of obstacles to tell your story“.

In this way, he adds, EA Motive is shaping the history of its universe, of its Iron Man, from scratch, although taking into account what they call “Marvel building blocks”. “When you play, you may come across a different story than you remember, but there will be many similar elements“, he comments, giving as an example how Shield, Hydra, Daily Bugle or some fictional country could be present.

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That said, the bet on the multiverse comes at a time when the movies are opening up to that idea with examples like Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness that make him a concept “more familiar” to the general public.

An ambitious Iron Man video game

The development of Iron Man from Motive Studio is still in its first stages of development, but in the interview, from Marvel Games, they take the opportunity to praise the team also responsible for Star Wars: Squadrons, adding how from the publisher they will help in everything possible to make the video game an experience any fan of the character can be proud of.

In addition, the Electronic Arts team has not hesitated to remember its commitment to creating great video games for solo enjoyment like this title. Let’s remember that from EA they have already left the door open for more developments in the future. But at the moment the attention of Marvel fans is focused on this Iron Man title as well as Midnight Suns, Wolverine, Spider-Man 2 and Captain America and Black Panther.

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