Age of Empires 4 Season 2 update lets you rotate the camera

There’s a new Age of Empires 4 patch out now announcing the arrival of Season 2, which focuses on Age of Sail. However, update 17718 does more than just usher in new seasonal activities: there’s a new map, new map selection options in multiplayer, and a new camera that will bring a bigger, wider view of the fields. RTS game medieval battlefields.

“We’ve added a new level of camera zoom and rotation to provide a grander vantage point on the battlefield and a more holistic view of the base,” the Age of Empires team says in the latest blog post. “In making these changes, we experimented with many different settings to determine the optional position. Zooming out even further caused issues with unit selection and readability, though didn’t offer much benefit. We have found that these new values ​​improve the feel of the game, the clarity of the battlefield and the management of the base.”

You’ll find the new camera settings in a drop-down menu in the Settings menu, which lets you choose between ‘classic’ and the new ‘panoramic’ modes. However, you will need to return to the main menu for this setting to take effect if you switch modes in a match.

Update 17718 also adds a fully remappable hotkey layout, for gamers who really want to change their control scheme. In Controls in Settings, you can click the ‘view and reassign controls’ button to open the reassign panel, which allows you to choose any button for any task.

As you configure your new button layout, keep in mind that this patch also changes the way you handle hotkey assignment conflicts. In previous versions, assigning a hotkey that was already assigned to another function would unlink it from any other assignment; Age of Empires 4 will now allow conflicts to persist, but will alert you when they do. However, you can disable this alert with another new option called the “warning conflicts” toggle.

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We’ve already told you about the changes coming to map selection for skirmishes and ranked, but now there’s a new map type available in Age of Empires 4 called “The Pit.” As you can probably guess, this map features mountains surrounding a low, forest-covered valley, where you can find one of the map’s holy sites in the center.

Season 2 introduces a selection of new sigils, frames, sigils, and portraits to unlock by completing a series of challenges. That starts today, so get those villagers to work.

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