All Accessibility Options in Dead Cells Breaking Barriers Update

Dead Cells is a rough ride, and while difficulty and accessibility are two different concepts, it’s still important that developers make games for as many people as possible. Anyone should be able to take on the challenge of the beloved roguelike. Thus, the developer Motion Twin has released the Breaking Barriers update, which brings a large number of accessibility options to the game.

New options include the ability to continue from the start of a biome, change your controller inputs, and optimize what is visually rendered on screen. It can even reduce the number of sounds playing at once, which should do wonders for people dealing with sensory overload. You can see the full list of new accessibility options below, and visit the Dead Cells patch notes page for additional changes in this update.

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Image via Motion Twin

Dead Cells Breaking Barriers Update – All Accessibility Options

assist mode

  • continue mode: every time you die you can resurrect from the beginning of the biome (this effectively already existed when you exit the game when you die, now it’s just ‘official’).
  • Auto hit mode– Automatically target nearby enemies with your primary melee weapon.
  • Adjustable trap damage, enemy damage, and enemy health in percentage increments.
  • Option for slower stop window and trap speed

New game options

  • Hold to jump.
  • Hold to roll.
  • Shield toggle option, instead of a long press.

New input options

  • customizable long interaction input.
  • customizable dive attack input.
  • Customizable features for Left stick, right stick and D-Pad.

New video options

  • Customizable HUD transparency and size.
  • New font option: Arial.
  • Customizable Brutality / Tactical / Survival colors.
  • Shows stat icons in addition to their color.
  • Shows critical hit feedback on the HUD.
  • Show effect icons in item descriptions. If two effects synergize with each other, the icons glow.
  • Schematics for Headless, Enemies, Abilities, Projectiles and Secrets.
  • Disable blood.
  • Reduce the number of particles.
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New sound options

  • Customize sound effect categories individually (assets, enemies, environment, etc.)
  • Added a customizable sound priority system to limit the number of sounds at once.

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