All Black Ox Beetle Locations in Grounded

The Black Ox Beetle is one of the hardest bugs you can find in Grounded. He’s extremely tough and capable of taking down an entire group if you’re not too careful. You want to approach this creature cautiously, but it does produce some great items, especially if you’re trying to craft a level three hammer to break open materials. This guide covers all the Black Ox Beetle locations in Grounded.

Where to find the black ox beetle in Grounded

You will need to head to the Upper Yard section of the Backyard. You can get to this location by finding the Upper Yard Ascent to the west of the pond in the center of the map. You’ll need an explosive to break it down, which you can only receive if you discover Fungal Parts in the most dangerous and gas-filled areas. These places have multiple infected insects that drop the fungal parts. After going through the rock and reaching the Upper Yard, your next destination is the shed directly north.

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When heading to the shed, we recommend that you stay west and go to the area with dry grass. The Black Ox Beetle normally roams this area, and can be found trampling its territory. It’s a massive bug that looks like a walking tank and has the health bar to back it up. You don’t want to engage this creature just because it can hit you once and take you down pretty quickly, especially if you don’t expect them to charge behind you.

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Once you’ve defeated this opponent, you’ll gain access to various level three items, such as the hammer, which will give you access to even more level three materials.

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