All Caldera map changes in Call of Duty: Warzone Season Four

Call of Duty: Warzone’s fourth season may be led by the new Fortune’s Keep Resurgence map, but there are several new additions to check out in Caldera as well. The massive island has received minor changes in the past, though it’s now been gifted with a much-loved location in Verdansk, an abandoned ship in the center of a popular POI, and much more. These are all changes you should be aware of in Caldera.

New POI: Storage City

Image via Raven software

Verdansk may be retired permanently, but that hasn’t stopped Storage Town from entering Warzone Pacific. Planted between the Mines and the Dig Site, the returning POI is restored to its full form, meaning players can visit its dozens of storage units, water towers, and indoor pool areas once more. However, as it focuses elsewhere, those entering Storage Town will need to watch out for long-range gunners.

Arsenal offer another hot drop area

Image via Raven software

As if the Arsenal wasn’t packed enough, the location now swaps the empty space between its hangars and apartment buildings for a large ship. Players planning to see the addition can also take advantage of the two new lookout towers that loom over the ship, perfect for wreaking havoc with a sniper or marksman rifle.

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Locked bunkers now include gold and more loot

Image via Raven software

The seven bunkers that were first introduced in Season 3 now offer even more weapons and equipment than before. Players can now also find large sums of gold inside, making it a great way to complete one of the Mercenaries of Fortune event challenges. But, there is a catch. Golden Keycards will need to be found in loot boxes, contracts, or supply drops to open their doors.

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The summer sun absorbs most of the Caldera rivers

Image via Raven software

Navigating the Caldera rivers has always been a burden, especially since it is not as fast as running on the ground. Fortunately, this will no longer be an issue at most points of interest, as the bodies of water within the docks, fields, radio station, and village have all dried up.

Capitol and Peak receive more minor tweaks

Image via Raven software

Since fans weren’t too happy about how difficult it was to get out of some places, the new update brings easier ways to get around Capitol and Peak. For Capitol, players viewing the map from their towering structures can now take bridges that are set on their roofs. Meanwhile, Peak features even more stairs inside its underground tunnels and an industrial building near the side of its volcano.

Along with updated Caldera locations, Season 4 also includes a new Battle Pass with plenty of cosmetics to unlock. Players can expect to earn various skins by leveling up, but there are also two new weapons to grab. These are the Marco 5 SMG and UGM-8 light machine gun, both of which are free to all players.

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