All Digivolutions of Agumon in Digimon Survive

Agumon has the most complex Digivolution lines in Digimon Survive. He is your main character’s partner Digimon and has access to more than three evolution lines, with each line branching off into other evolutions.

Digivolutions of Agumon

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Most Digimon start out as basic Rookies and have the potential to Digivolve three times. Each processed form is labeled Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. What your partner Agumon becomes depends on the Karma you have. There are three types of Karma in Digimon Survive: Morale, Harmony, and Wrathful. Your partner Agumon has three lines of evolution depending on whether he has more Karma points.

If your Morale is the highest, your Agumon will evolve into the Champion form known as Greymon at the end of Part 1 in your fight against Dokugumon. If you have a lot of Harmony, Agumon will transform into Tyrannomon. Agumon will transform into Tuskmon on high Wrathful Karma.

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Agumon’s Ultimate and Mega forms also depend on the Karma you have. If you have high morale, Agumon’s Ultimate form will be MetalGreymon, and his Mega will be WarGreymon. High Harmony will turn Agumon into Triceramon and Dinorexmon, while High Wrathful will turn Agumon into Megadramon and Machinedramon. Your partner Agumon doesn’t stick to a specific evolution line; what it evolves into is determined by where your karma is. You might have had High Harmony when you unlocked Agumon’s Champion form and transformed into Tyrannomon, but then got higher Morale Karma when you get its Ultimate form and Digivolve into MetalGreymon.

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When you unlock a Digivolution for Agumon, you can evolve into it in any battle. Near the end of the game, Agumon can transform into omnimon either fanglongmon. Below is a simple diagram of the three evolutions of his partner Agumon and their corresponding Karma:

  • Morale (Vaccine): Greymon —> MetalGreymon —> WarGreymon
  • Harmony (data): Tyrannomon —> Triceramon —> Dinorexmon
  • Wrathful (Virus): Tuskmon —> Megadramon —> Machinedramon

Exclusive Digivolutions of Agumon

The Tuskmon/Wrathful Evolution line is exclusive to your partner Agumon. If you recruit any other Agumon in your adventure, that Agumon cannot evolve into Tuskmon. Similarly, his partner Agumon cannot transform into Cyclonemon, while other Agumons can. Partner Agumon will always revert to Rookie after each evolution, while other Agumons will remain in their evolved forms. Other Agumons also have access to the Greymon and Tyrannomon lines.

Exclusive evolutions for unassociated Agumon

  • Cyclonemon —> SkullGreymon
  • triceramon —> Spinomon

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