All Direct Access Locations in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass

In any racing game, you are looking to take as many corners as possible to get ahead of the pack. Mario Kart games are no strangers to providing secret paths and quick off-track diversions that will shave seconds off your time. Here are all the shortcuts we’ve found in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass.

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Golden Dash Cup Shortcuts

walk of paris

Gamepur screenshot

Right next to the starting line is the Arc de Triomphe with a couple of cardboard Piranha Plants. On the first pass just avoid them, but when you come back you can use a mushroom to get through them without slowing down or taking the loop. When the track reverses you can use this path again just before the end of the run.

Toad Circuit

Gamepur screenshot

There aren’t many shortcuts in Toad Circuit because it’s a pretty standard race track. However, just as you exit the tunnel there is a ramp that you can hit with a mushroom. Right after that there is also a small area of ​​sand with pipes. If you have another fungus, go through here without hitting the pipes.

crashed mountain

Gamepur screenshot

There are no real shortcuts in Choco Mountain other than taking shortcuts like in the cave tunnel with a mushroom.

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coconut mall

Gamepur screenshot

Past the first set of escalators on the right is a shop where you can use a mushroom to speed up. If you don’t, the ground will slow you down.

Lucky Cat Cup Shortcuts

tokyo blur

Gamepur screenshot

There is a ramp that you can mushroom hit in the first two laps about halfway down the track.

mushroom crest

Gamepur screenshot

There are two shortcuts on Shroom Ridge. The first is a ramp that you can hit with a mushroom once you get to the grassy area. If you use your Mushroom too early, you will be slowed down just before you hit the ramp.

Gamepur screenshot

The second shortcut is at the beginning of the winding road near the end of the track. Where the barrier is missing, you can use a mushroom to launch a current of wind that will propel you back onto the road.

Sky Garden

Gamepur screenshot

Around the first lap in the lap are two blades that you can propel yourself into and do tricks on.

Gamepur screenshot

After that, you can use mushrooms to propel yourself through some grassy areas, and when you come across the bean stalk poking through the field, you can use a mushroom to cut the twisty turn there.

ninja hideout

Gamepur screenshot

In Ninja Hideaway, there are several paths you can take, but none of them are much faster than others. That said, there is a shortcut. There are some cardboard piranha plants that you can go through with a fungus in the rooms with spiked ceilings that go up and down.

Turnip Cup Shortcuts

New York Minute

Gamepur screenshot

While you can use mushrooms to save a bit of time on grassy corners, the only real shortcut here is after going under the bridge on the first and third laps. To the right is a small patch of land that you can traverse.

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Mario Circuit 3

Gamepur screenshot

On the stretch just before the final turn towards the starting line in Mario Circuit 3, there is a break in the block wall that you can easily go through with a mushroom. You can also cut a few tenths of a second by taking advantage of the mushrooms in the curves of the track.

kalimari desert

Gamepur screenshot

Kalimari desert has some ramps that you can hit if you have a mushroom depending on which lap you are on. The first one is right after the starting line, but you’ll only have access to it on the first and second laps.

Gamepur screenshot

The second ramp is just after the first railroad crossing and you can reach it at any turn if you have a mushroom.

Gamepur screenshot

The final ramp is just before the finish line and is only accessible on the first and last laps.

Propeller Cup Shortcuts

Sydney Sprint

Gamepur screenshot

Sydney Sprint has two areas where you can use a mushroom to get through some grassy areas. The first becomes available on the second lap upon reaching the winding track. Be careful speeding through the grass here, hitting any rocks will slow you down exponentially, so you need to balance the risk and reward of this maneuver.

Gamepur screenshot

The second is a simple cut through the grass just before the finish line. Technically this is also available on the first lap, but being at the start before any item boxes will only slow you down.

snow land

Gamepur screenshot

There are plenty of places in Snow Land to shave a few seconds off your time by using a mushroom to cut some snow off the corners. The most apparent comes just before the final turn towards the finish line, where you can speed through a gap in the wall.

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Gamepur screenshot

Just past that section of wall is a ramp that you can hit with a mushroom.

mushroom throat

Gamepur screenshot

There are two optional shortcuts in Mushroom Gorge that are high-risk, high-reward situations. The first one is just after the starting line. Push yourself to the left and you can bounce off two large mushrooms.

Gamepur screenshot

The second jump is probably the most challenging shortcut in the game. After you get out of the cavern full of bouncing mushrooms, you need to go at a fast enough speed and have a mushroom that propels you over the hole to skip the big curvy curve. If you guess right, you can go over the wooden fence. If you make a mistake anywhere, you will either fall into the pit or crash into the rock wall.

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