All perks reworked and rebalanced in the Dead by Daylight (Roots of Dread) mid-chapter update

Developer Behavior Interactive is constantly monitoring the meta in Dead by Daylight. While Killer skills can’t be tweaked every season, the perks most used by Killers and Survivors certainly can. So with every mid-chapter update, the current meta, the most used perks in the game, are tweaked and rebalanced to change the way people play the game. This guide outlines all the perks that changed in the mid-chapter update for Roots of Dread.

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All Survivor perks reworked in the mid-chapter update

This list shows all the Survivor perks that will change in some way as part of the Dead by Daylight mid-chapter update for Roots of Dread.

dead hard

Makes a survivor immune to damage or dash for a short time. It’s being modified to provide the Resist effect for 1 second, allowing Survivors to get a speed boost if they dodge a Killer’s attack instead of being a dash button you can spam.

decisive blow

Once unhooked, Survivors can trigger a special ability check when picked up again, causing them to instantly break free of a Killer. The perk will now deactivate once doors are unlocked, and the stun duration has been reduced to 3 seconds.

borrowed time

Gives Survivors to unhook the Resistance effect for a short time. Resistance’s application time is extended to 6/8/10 seconds, and the movement speed bonus it grants is increased to 10 seconds. The effects will be canceled if the Survivor performs a Notorious Action.

Iron will

This perk makes growls of pain quieter. Noise Reduction is reduced to 25/50/75% and the buff will not trigger if a Survivor is Exhausted, making it less reliable.

self care

Allows survivors to heal themselves without a medkit at 50% speed and increases medkit usage. Now it will no longer increase Med-Kit’s speeds, and its overall speed will be reduced to 25/30/35%.


Increases action speed and skill checks when the Assassin is close and looking in your direction. This is being changed to only trigger if the Killer has a clear line of sight with a Survivor, but the perk will remain active for an additional 0.5 seconds to prevent flickering and provide a small overall boost. Eventually, the buff’s speed increase will be completely removed.

calm spirit

The perk will now allow you to open chests and clear totems silently, though the speed to perform those actions is reduced by 40/35/30%.

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Allows Survivors to identify Scourge Hooks. Their auras are displayed as yellow when carried, so Survivor can avoid them at all costs.

botany knowledge

The healing speed of this perk is being improved to 30/40/50%.

off the record

Gain the stamina effect for 60/70/80 seconds after unhooking, though that effect is lost when you perform a flashy action.

Stroke of luck

You can now recharge this perk by healing other Survivors. Each Survivor you heal increases the buff’s charge by 1 second.


This perk used to guarantee a medkit when you first searched for a chest. It will now only activate once you’re wounded, granting you a medkit from a chest every time you need it.

Lone survivor

In addition to hiding your aura, the perk now increases generator repair speed by 75% and door/hatch opening speed by 50%. This only happens when you are the last Survivor standing in the Trial.


You can now recover warp tokens by spending time in the killer’s terror radius. You get 1 token for every 30 seconds you spend in the terror radius.


This perk is being improved to also make scratch marks, the red lines Killers use to chase Survivors, more sporadic. It will generally make him harder to track, which is aided by the fact that his scratch marks fade 5/4/3 seconds earlier than everyone else’s.

Deja vu

Grants an additional 5% repair speed to the three generators revealed by this perk.

nobody gets left behind

The mid-chapter update adds a 7% movement speed increase to all Survivors you unhook. The buff will now also trigger once the doors are on instead of open.

dark sense

The buff now triggers when a generator is turned on. The next time the Assassin is within 24 meters of you, his aura will be revealed for 5/7/10 seconds and then will deactivate.


The perk will now also reduce grunts of pain by 75% when in the Dying state, making you harder to hear and faster to get away from the Killer.


There is now no time limit on this perk, meaning late game saves are back on the table.


Cleaning a hex totem will double the repair speed bonus granted by the perk.

we will live forever

The Bloodpoint bonus will be removed from this buff so that points don’t dictate charges. Additionally, instead of gaining a token for certain actions, you will now grant the Resistance effect to Survivors you heal while the perk is active.

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All Killer perks reworked in the mid-chapter update

This list contains all of the Assassin Perks that are being changed in the Dead by Daylight Mid-Chapter Update for Roots of Dread.

BBQ and chili

Currently, this perk allows Killers to see the auras of distant Survivors for a short time after hooking one of them. Each Hooked Survivor provides a small stackable Blood Point bonus. Aura reveal will remain the same after the mid-chapter update, but the blood point bonus will be removed.

Hex: Ruin

This perk causes generators to back up automatically while Survivors are not working on them, as long as the Hex totem is standing. The regression provided by the perk is halved from 100/150/200% to 50/27/100% to bring it in line with other Hex perks.

Pop goes the weasel

After hooking a Survivor, this perk causes your next kick to instantly remove 25% scaling from a generator. The perk is now being modified so that the kick removes 20% of the most recent progress made on the generator, not your overall progress, slowing down the Killer’s power back.

Corrupt Intervention

Blocks the three furthest generators at the start of the match for a short period of time. This perk will be changed to unleash generators after a Survivor enters the dying state, meaning a Killer has claimed their first kill. This should make games more balanced for most Assassins, but not all. The plague will certainly not be affected.


Makes the Killer undetectable for a short time and provides an audible indicator of a generator when it is 70% repaired. The buff will now only trigger once per generator, making it slightly less useful overall but still very powerful.

Hex: no one escapes death

While the Hex totem is standing, all Survivors are exposed once the doors open. The strength of this hex will not change, but Survivors will now be able to see the totem when they are within four meters of it. That range increases to 24 meters in 30 seconds, meaning it’s slightly less effective as a Killer return tool.

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

After hooking a Survivor into the Scourge Hook, the generator with the most progress will explode. This notifies the Killer and causes the generator to lose a large amount of progress. The scaling removal will remain, but the explosion notification and generator noise or screaming from Survivors will be removed, giving Killers much less information.

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This perk is being improved so that it increases the regression rate of a generator from 100% to 400% in 30 seconds.


The generator regression penalty applying this perk has been increased to 10% and the duration of the disable effect will now be 15/20/25 seconds.

Knock out

Causes Survivors in the Dying State to crawl 50% slower for 15 seconds and reduce their recovery speed by 25%.


An improvement is being made for this perk to increase the speed of skill checks by 50% for those Survivors that heal in the presence of the Killer.

dark devotion

This buff will now trigger whenever the Obsessive Survivor loses a health state.


There will be no cooldown on this perk after the mid-chapter update, so survivors should be careful.

lethal pursuer

A buff is being applied for this perk to extend the effect of all aura readings by 2 seconds.

Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain

The action speed penalty on this perk will be increased to 10/13/16%.


The Action Speed ​​of this Perk is increased to 4/4.5/5.5% per Survivor, for a maximum of 18/20/22% overall.

Scourge Hook: Monstrous Sanctuary

This will now turn all Basement Hooks into Scourge Hooks, and those Scourge Hooks grant an additional 10/15/20% Entity scaling on Hooked Survivors while a Killer is within 24 yards.

Why are perks changed or rebalanced in the mid-chapter update?

Image via Behavior Interactive

Dead by Daylight perks need to be tweaked and rebalanced because they help keep the game fresh. If players continue to use the same perks, the game becomes predictable and boring. These perks make Survivors and Killers as powerful in their roles as they can be, leaving little room for creativity. Changing the way these perks work will cause a stir in the community as players search for the best new perks to use, ensuring the game is fun to play for years to come. You can see everything Behavior Interactive is working on by keeping an eye on the official developer updates page.

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