All set for Borderlands 4 so far

Weather borderlands 3 was controversial due to certain narrative decisions and the lack of traditional raid bosses, Gearbox has done a good job of getting fans back ever since. downloadable content for borderlands 3 was excellent overall, and Tiny Tina’s Wonderland It proved to be a huge hit upon release, even if its own DLC has left something to be desired. After requested by fans Borderlands Tales 2 emissions, it can be assumed that borderlands 4 will be next, giving players another major story within the main series to enjoy.


Fortunately for Gearbox, borderlands 4 has a clear direction when it comes to its narrative, with a few potential side stories to mention as well. While fans will surely learn more about the game and its plot once it’s officially announced and trailers are released, some theories can already be made regarding the sequel’s story. This is obviously just speculation based on earlier moments in history as no official details have been released about borderlands 4.

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Lilith and Ava will likely be at the heart of Borderlands 4’s story

Like anyone who’s done borderlands 3 will know, Lilith sacrificed herself immediately after regaining her powers, and the main story frames this act as fatal. However, since players did not see her die, there was hope in the community that she was still alive. Sure enough, the Director’s Cut DLC seems to have confirmed fan theories, with Ava learning that Lilith was still alive through a conversation she had with The Seer.

What borderlands 3Murder Mystery missions come to an end, Ava promises that the Crimson Raiders will find Lilith. With Ava having the keys to Sanctuary and Lilith essentially telling her to lead the group, it can be assumed that borderlands 4 will partially focus on your leadership role. If she’s still young, it can show how difficult it can be to be in charge, as the responsibility is a lot for Ava. If another time jump happens and she’s older, fans can see her as a more mature leader and someone skilled in the game. use of his powers. Regardless, fans can expect the main quests to focus closely on Ava’s search for Lilith.

Possible Side Stories Borderlands 4 Could Tackle

While the mystery of Lilith may be the main focus of borderlands 4, there are other topics that Gearbox can focus on. A very interesting side story to weave into the main plot could be that of Zer0 and FL4K. How the two robots are connected, why they were built, and where they came from has often been discussed by the borderlands community, with fans hoping to finally get some answers on borderlands 4. Players might need to find Zer0 and FL4K’s point of origin in order to get some sort of tracker to locate Lilith, and might gain a lot of information about the machines in the process. Teaming up with Zer0 or FL4K during this mission could also be exciting.

There may be an additional setting for The Watcher’s War. Gearbox confirmed that it wanted to expand the universe before diving back into it. pre-sequel concept, and borderlands 3‘s multiple planets can be seen as the beginning of that process. Lilith’s search could take borderlands 4 players to new planets, further growing the universe and allowing for multiple battlefields when this war begins. When it’s finally about to happen, players will likely know it’s imminent, which means it probably won’t show up in borderlands 4The main story of . However, there could be mention of Lilith possibly disappearing to gather more Vault Hunters as The Watcher suggested.

Some smaller stories with others borderlands The characters have also been configured. Timothy’s Jack-like behavior at the end of the Handsome Jackpot DLC is something to watch out for, while Rhys is still looking for Fiona. If Fiona’s whereabouts are not mentioned during the story of Borderlands Tales 2could serve as another good plot point for borderlands 4. While it would be worth revealing more about the mystery of Zer0 and FL4K, and Lilith’s quest is essentially confirmed, there are plenty of stories to be told with the next big thing. borderlands title.

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