All the poker cards from Chapter 1 in Hard West 2

Hard West 2 is a strategy game and it becomes clear how strategic you need to be in the first chapter. You’ll need to pay attention to your gang’s team, who to take to each fight, your allegiance, and what poker cards each gang member has in hand. Poker cards play an important role in the game, so it makes sense that you try to collect as many as possible. Here are all of them that you can collect in the first chapter of the game.

All the poker cards from Chapter 1 in Hard West 2

It might seem a bit unlucky, but there are 13 poker cards that you can find in the first chapter of Hard West 2. Each of these cards will grant the character holding them bonus stat boosts and traits, making them one of the most useful items in the game. Keep your eyes peeled for them as you progress through the chapter.

Nine of Spades, King of Diamonds, Queen of Clubs

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All three cards are found at the beginning of the chapter after you wake up from your battle on the Ghost Train. Find the writhing undead while he is tied to a post and the cards stick out of his chest.

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jack of clubs, jack of hearts, nine of diamonds

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Continue with the first chapter and complete Boomtown. You’ll have to talk to Mervyn later. He will help you out of the valley if you get his harmonica from the mine. No matter what interaction you choose in the mine, you will end up getting the cards.

jack of diamonds

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After helping Mervyn, he will tell you about a secret passageway in Whissel Point. Take the secret passage and you will be instructed to fight enemies in the area. If you choose to fight and win, you will get the poker card.

ten of hearts

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You will receive this letter as part of the story. After meeting the tracker, you will head to the Holy Site. Complete the battle here to get the card.

ten of clubs

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Later in the chapter, you will be tasked with visiting Calla Calla. You will end up in a firefight here and the reward for completing it will be this card.

queen of spades

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Visit the spirit totem and enter Flynn’s dream. This will start a scenario. Complete the main objective of the stage to get the card.

nine of clubs

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During the Spirit Totem stage, complete the secondary objective of collecting Flynn’s diary pages to get the letter.

queen of diamonds

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After progressing a bit in the chapter, a stage will start at O’Kane Farm. Completing the main objective in this area will give you the Queen of Diamonds.

ten of spades

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At the end of the chapter, you will return to Boomtown and have a final stage where you need to find a Siphon. You will get the card for completing the main objective in the stage.

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