All Toxapex weaknesses and the best Pokémon counters in Pokémon Go

Toxapex will become one of the strongest Grand League Pokémon competitors you will face in Pokémon. It’s going to be an extremely robust Pokémon that can unleash quite a bit of damage. Because he’s about to become a frequent opponent for many players competing in the Big League, it’s a good idea to know how to best approach him. This guide covers all Toxapex weaknesses and the best Pokemon counters in Pokemon Go.

How to beat Toxapex in Pokémon Go

All Toxapex Weaknesses

Toxapex is a Poison and Water type Pokémon. It will be weak against Electric, Earth, and Psychic-type moves, but is resistant against Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Ice, Poison, Steel, and Water-type attacks. When fighting Toxapex in the Grand League, you will likely have a max CP of 1493, an attack of 92, a defense of 222, and a stamina of 118. These are the preferred stats for a Toxapex in the Grand League, and not all you’ll find will be the same, but Toxapex’s defensive capabilities stand out, and you’ll have a lot of work to do. You can expect it to be your opponent’s first or last Pokémon.

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The best Pokemon fight back against Toxapex

If you’re struggling to defeat Toxapex in the Big League, some of the best Pokemon to use against it will be Swampert, Galarian Stunfisk, and Sableye.

Swampert is a Water and Ground type Pokémon. It’s a Pokémon you could use in all three categories, depending on how powerful you’ve made it, and when it shows up in the Great League, it’s a tough Pokémon to play against. It is a tough counter to Toxapex, able to withstand its Water-type moves, and can use multiple Ground-type attacks to deal the most damage. The best moveset to teach Swampert if he uses it in the Great League will be the fast move Mud-Shot and the Hydro Cannon and Earthquake charged attacks.

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Next up, we have Galarian Stunfisk, a Ground and Steel-type Pokémon. Galarian Stunfisk has been a staple in the Great League since it was first introduced, possessing multiple resistances and capable of dealing a fair amount of damage. While it’s good to use against Toxapex, it’s weak against Water-type moves, which means you can’t expect it to fight this Pokemon forever. You’ll need to finish the battle quickly if your Galarian Stunfisk goes up against Toxapex, but it should work. The best moveset to teach Galarian Stunfisk is the fast move Mud Shot and the charged attacks Earthquake and Rock Slide.

The last Pokemon we recommend you use to counter Toxapex is Sableye, a dark, ghost-type. Sableye is only resistant to Poison-type moves, which is primarily Toxapex’s moveset, and while she doesn’t have any Electric, Ground, or Psychic-type attacks to use in battle, she has a good balance of offense and defense, adequate to resist. Toxapex attacks and deals enough damage to make sure you get the win, as long as it hasn’t been used in battle. The best moveset to teach Sableye is the fast move Shadow Claw and the charged attacks Foul Play and Return.

You may not have access to this Pokémon to use against Toxapex. Here are some other options that we think are suitable options in the Big League.

  • Bastiodon
  • Diggersby
  • frolass
  • Lantern
  • Magnezone
  • Registration
  • steelix
  • Togedemaur
  • whiskey

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