All unlockables, cups and equipment from Mario Strikers Battle League

If you are looking for all Mario Strikers Battle League unlockables, you may be a little disappointed. While the battle mode has a pretty solid campaign and there’s no end to quick soccer matches in the quick game, you don’t have much to spend your hard-earned coins on at the moment, least of all if you don’t want to. to equip your characters with new equipment.

All Mario Strikers Battle League unlockables

The unlockables in the game are divided between cups and gear.

Mario Strikers Battle League Cups

You unlock cups just by winning the previous cup. For example, you unlock the Chain Cup by winning the Cannon Cup, and so on.

These are all the cups:

  • Cannon Cup
  • chain cup
  • turbo cup
  • muscle cup
  • championship cup

Winning the Championship Cup on the default difficulty, which you’re stuck with at the start, unlocks Galactic Mode. This mode has the same cups, but is essentially the hard mode of Battle League. However, earning these only unlocks a sense of accomplishment.

All the equipment of Mario Strikers Battle League

Most of the coins earned from winning cups will go towards purchasing new equipment. Each set follows a pattern of increasing a stat regardless of which piece you use at the expense of something else. The Muscle series, for example, builds strength, while the Trick series is good for technique.

  • Muscular Helmet (100 coins): +2 Strength, -2 Technique
  • Muscle Gauntlets (100 Coins): +2 Strength, -2 Pass
  • Muscular Chest (100 Coins): +2 Strength, -2 Shot
  • Muscular Boots (100 coins): +2 Strength, -2 Speed
  • Chain Helmet (100 coins): +2 passes, -2 speed
  • Chain Gauntlets (100 coins): +2 passes, -2 shots
  • Chain Plate (100 Coins): +2 Pass, -2 Technique
  • Chain Boots (100 Coins): +2 Pass, -2 Strength
  • Trick Helmet (100 Coins): +2 Technique, -2 Pass
  • Trick Gloves (100 Coins): +2 Technique, -2 Speed
  • Trick Pad (100 Coins): +2 Technique, -2 Strength
  • Trick boots (100 coins): +2 Technique, -2 Shooting
  • Cannon sight (100 coins): +2 Shot, -2 Technique
  • Cannon Gloves (100 coins): +2 shots, -2 speed
  • Cannon Plate (100 Coins): +2 Shots, -2 Strength
  • Cannon Boots (100 coins): +2 shots, -2 passes
  • Turbo Helmet (100 Coins): +2 Speed, -2 Technique
  • Turbo Gloves (100 Coins): +2 Speed, -2 Strength
  • Turbo Pad (100 coins): +2 speed, -2 passes
  • Turbo Boots (100 Coins): +2 Speed, -2 Shots

That’s all you need to know about Mario Strikers Battle League‘s unlockables. Nintendo may add more to spend your coins on in future DLC updates, but for now, check out our other Mario Strikers Battle League guides for more tips and tricks.

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